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October 2008

  • Dancing?

    At the BBW Bash I attended in Vegas, I was a bit surprised to find that Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls was the “theme” song.  I hadn’t know the song (I grew up listening to Country & Western) but noticed it got everyone on the dance floor. Are you gonna take me home tonight Ah down… Continue reading

  • DayintheLife: Weight-Loss Evangelism

    Inspired by Cherie’s post. [One of the occasional series of posts about my typical day.] The last stranger who approached me about a weight loss program said it was a Christian program that her church was sponsoring. I started laughing. She looked shocked and stammered something. I shook my head and told her no, diets… Continue reading

  • A Few Quotes

    These are quotes that have stuck with me lately, so I thought I’d share. “[E]ven extremely obese women still have a longer life expectancy than normal-weight men.” — Paul Ernsberger, Ph.D. “Yet, we are not being inundated with scares about the deadliness of being male, millions aren’t spent to eradicate maleness, and men make up… Continue reading

  • Shock: Fitness article that doesn’t mention weight

    This near-mythical item appeared in The New York Times, reporting on the US Government’s latest physical activity guidelines. Nothing about how exercising can cause weight loss.  Even when discussing beginners, weight loss does not come up: The people who accrue the greatest health benefits from exercise go from doing nothing to doing something. “A one-minute… Continue reading

  • DayInTheLife: Some weekends feel really short

    [One of the occasional series of posts about my typical day.] This was one of those weekends.  Laundry, errands, cleaning, laundry.  Oh, and catching up on sleep.  I also finished a couple murder mysteries, played some puzzle pirates, and had some quality time with the man of the house. Yet it seems really short. I… Continue reading

  • Day in the Life: Too Much Bum Glue?

    [One of the occasional series of posts about my typical day.] As noted elsewhere, my job requires bum glue.  If a task is going well, I can get a lot done in an hour or two.  But when I get up, well, maybe it’s a fat thing, maybe it’s an over-40 thing, but I feel… Continue reading

  • Day in the Life: Work Food

    [One of the occasional series of posts about my typical day.] I’ve debated whether to include the typical sort of food I eat or not.  As it happens, I am.  But you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to :) Continue reading

  • What’s My Cue?

    Remember I posted about Health at Every Size, and one of my follow-ups was that it inspired me to make two changes to my eating habits? Eat foods with more fiber. Plan an afternoon snack. Well, I’ve been doing both of these for a few weeks now.  The good: My blood sugar isn’t fluctuating as… Continue reading

  • Minnesota Starvation Experiment

    When a healthy, normal-weight person loses 25% of his body mass and looks emaciated, we see it as semi-starvation. When a healthy fat person loses 25% of her body mass and still looks fat, we see it as, “Oh, well, you still have more to lose” — even though the affect on mental health and… Continue reading

  • Maybe I’m a zombie?

    From an IM conversation about this morning’s post… Me: Do you think I’m a zombie? D: Where’d the zombie bit come in? D: you aren’t trying to eat my brains. although, pieces of you did fall off this weekend.* Me: well, WW says I’m not living, but I’m not dead yet.  So, am I undead?… Continue reading

  • Surfing the web…

    … and the web ads. Jillian Michaels Ad: How Much Do You Want To LOSE? Me: Do I have to?  I mean, our retirement savings are down 33% already! The really annoying ones are the flash animations.  Remember the woman who would “shrink” over and over and over and over?  I kept running into that… Continue reading

  • Friday Fun :)

    Happy Friday, everyone!  Up here in Seattle the leaves are turning, some are falling, and it’s getting dark at 6pm.  (This may not seem strange to those of you living further south, but it seems like yesterday that it was light until 9pm….) So, a poll: Continue reading

  • Tired Blogger is Tired

    We moved into our new workspace this week. The shiny, newly refurbished space is clean, brightly lit, and rather nice.  We have a new “lounge” space, decks for occasional fresh air, and the new layout is more organized in a lot of ways. …and between the new carpet, new paint, and much brighter overhead lights… Continue reading

  • Day in the Life: Sitting at my desk

    I wasn’t even sure I’d write a Day in the Life post about work. What would I write? “I sit at my desk. I type, I mouse. Occasionally I go to a meeting.” (Of course there’s more to my work than typing and mousing.  But if you were interested in the process of software development… Continue reading

  • Overweight Doesn’t Mean Unhealthy, But Lose Weight Anyway!

    Sarah Mahoney’s article on MSNBC (and Prevention magazine) looked promising: The overweight debate: Healthy and heavy? Has science overemphasized the danger of a few extra pounds? The article itself?  Not so much.  It does start off well, noting how people within the CDC’s “overweight” BMI range have longer life expectancies than those at “normal” weights… Continue reading

  • Fit or Not Fit

    This came in as a comment to one of the “Day in the life” posts. One movement involves leaning forward; this irritates my lower back so I substitute something else. Jesus! You’re practically crippled by your weight. A normal person would be able to do this easily. It”s enough of a workout to get my… Continue reading

  • Why This Blog is Anonymous, or On Not Coming Out

    Recently I told a few more real-life friends about this blog, which caused me to do more thinking about why it’s anonymous. And really?  What it comes down to is this: I don’t want a potential employer’s first hits on my name to be: My family health history How my size affects sex Jock itch… Continue reading

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