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November 2008

  • …it was a good weekend.

    Thursday: Terrific dinner with good company.  Then off to join friends for dessert and more good company. Friday: Joined a friend at a women’s spa with various hot tubs, cold pool, saunas, and so on. Saturday: Got my hair highlighted.  Then I dug out a velvet skirt, a satin tank top, and a shawl my… Continue reading

  • Happy Thanksgiving…

    …to those of you in the US; a belated Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in Canada :)   The man of the house is cooking.  I’ve scrubbed the floors, put away, dusted, and so on. I hope everyone has something to be thankful for today :) Continue reading

  • Yoga Videos & Books I have known

    I started doing yoga in college with Raquel Welch’s book on yoga.1 Even then I found yoga relaxing and energizing.  It also helped me improve my strength & flexibility. Years later I wanted to try yoga again, but, remembering how I’d had no idea how to modify some poses, I looked for something more tailored… Continue reading

  • Why I Should Go to Yoga Tonight…

    … even though I’m probably going to want to skip it just on general “it’s my Monday I want to go home and collapse already” reasons. More than 1,000 studies have been conducted to determine whether yoga helps people suffering diseases. Here’s a sample from the medical literature: Depression: Patients diagnosed with depression showed significant… Continue reading

  • Day in the Life: Road Trip and Finding Clothing

    The man of the house was at a conference this weekend a couple hundred miles away.  On a whim, I hopped in my car Saturday morning to go surprise him.  Assuming I could spend the night, I’d packed an overnight bag: undies, socks, shirt, CPAP.  I could always wear my pants a second day, right?… Continue reading

  • Big Fat Pleasures

    “Sex is fun and pleasure is good for you” – I first read this in a book on relationships and thought that was a great idea … well, in theory at least.  Or maybe for other people.   I was fat, after all, so sex partners are hard to find, right?  And I still wasn’t all… Continue reading

  • Is fat hysteria damaging?

    Well, now, let’s think about this. Besides the negative affects of weight bias, besides the negative effects of the resulting stress, besides the fact that trying to lose weight often results in gaining more, there’s this little gem: [I]n one 1960s test, when hospital patients were given sugar water and told it would make them… Continue reading

  • Day in the Life: Yoga Night

    [One of the occasional series of posts about my typical day.] Tonight was yoga night.  After work I go into an empty, industrially-carpeted room of the local community college with my yoga mat, blocks, and strap.  We always end with laying down and a brief guided meditation.  What varies is almost everything in between.  Sure,… Continue reading

  • Medical Records Out My Ears…

    [One of the occasional series of posts about my typical day.] Or, Annual Physical update the 2nd (and hopefully final :) What I didn’t mention before was that the day of my annual I was near the tail end of my period.  It wasn’t bad enough that we couldn’t do my pap smear (yes, this… Continue reading

  • This week’s Cathy

    The comic strip Cathy debuted in 1976.  I was 10 years old and just starting to read newspapers on my own.  It was often the only image of a professional, self-reliant young woman I saw, and not just on the comics page.  Sometimes she was unsure about how to proceed, but she never moved back… Continue reading

  • It wasn’t intentional…

    …Ellie suggested I use a fixed-width scheme. So I looked for one that had 3 columns, and would let me customize the header, and … ended up with the same one Shapely Prose has. Hee? Continue reading

  • Fun on the Bus

    Or not. Yesterday morning, 7:48am, I’m wondering when the 7:45am bus will arrive. Or was it really a 7:45am bus?  The stop I was at has a big board listing all the expected arrival times for all the buses.  So I’m standing there, right next to the stop, double-checking the time my bus was arrive… Continue reading

  • Applying “Pro-Choice” to Fat Acceptance

    I came to fat acceptance by reading BBW magazine in college. Yes, fashion articles, but also articles on how weight cycling is bad for you and reporting on studies that show dieting tends to lead to weight gain in the long term. I knew that every time I had dieted to lose weight – which… Continue reading

  • Day in the Life: After Work

    [One of the occasional series of posts about my typical day.] My after-work commute is a reverse of my morning commute: walk to the bus stop, take a couple buses, walk to my car, drive home. There is one notable difference, though, and that’s how much I walk.  There are 3 bus stops I can… Continue reading

  • Book Review: Dying to be Thin

    Dying to Be Thin: A Fat City Mystery by Kathryn Lilley. Genre/Category: Girl Reporter turns Amateur Detective in a diet center comedy. Setup: 26-year-old Kate Gallagher is an award-winning TV News producer with a camera-ready face but a behind-the-camera (size 16) body.  She wants to be a reporter, so when she’s laid off from her… Continue reading

  • W00t, w00t I say!!!!

    Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body, by Kate Harding of Shapely Prose and Marianne Kirby aka The Rotund, is available for pre-order on Amazon. :) Continue reading

  • Annual Checkup Update: Lab Results

    [One of the occasional series of posts about my typical day.] During my annual checkup last week, my ARNP said that she would call if the labwork found a problem and that she usually sends an “all clear” note if things are unchanged.  I asked if she could send me the full resuts, and she… Continue reading

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