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January 2009

  • Thankful Thursday

    Heidi‘s gratitude postings got me thinking of posting things I’m grateful, or thankful, for in my life.   So here’s a few: Got myself psyched up and joined a gym, which gives me more options for building up muscles.  Gym salesperson did not push the weight-loss routine.  Monday’s snow was pretty, but didn’t bring Seattle… Continue reading

  • Fat Clothing Catalogs…

    In my experience, there are two kinds of companies that put out supersize/extended-size catalogs for fat women: Large companies with mostly imported mass-produced clothing, cheap prices,  and a propensity for selling their mailing lists. Quality tends to be uniform.  Examples: Roaman’s, Woman Within, Silhouettes, Lane Bryant Catalog. Small specialty companies that only do plus or… Continue reading

  • I thought this was FAB

    From Lesley at Fatshionista, about the “before” Polaroid taken by Jenny Craig in 1991.    I looked apparently happy in that photograph, but I was wrong. I looked apparently happy, but upon further reflection, my breasts are slightly uneven, my skin is too dark, my knees are ugly, my hair is windblown. I looked apparently… Continue reading

  • Writing Quotes

    These are for all of us writing out here in the Fatosphere…  ;) Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.   – Jules Renard The only thing I was fit for was to be a writer, and this notion rested solely on my suspicion that I… Continue reading

  • Nice analogy on obesity frequency

    Not new, but I’m quoting it anyway because I like it :)  From an  article on the obesity “health crisis” in the International Journal of Epidemiology: Imagine that the average IQ was 100 and that five percent of the population had an IQ of 140 and were considered to be geniuses. Now let’s say that education improves and… Continue reading

  • Quotes

    “Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” — Henry David Thoreau …and now…the sun is shining today  (not raining, not overcast, not shining through clouds and fog – shining) so I am going for a walk.  Toodles! Continue reading

  • Wondering What You’re Searching For

    WordPress provides nifty stats on its blogs, including which search terms led readers to this site. One from yesterday is, how can it be possible for a 400lbs woma That’s it. If there was more to it, it’s been cut off. So I wonder … what was this user trying to find out? Continue reading

  • Good Thoughts for SJ

    This morning the independent musician, singer, songwriter, and all-around nifty person  SJ Tucker goes into the hospital to have an ovarian cyst removed. I first heard of ovarian cysts when a friend had one removed that filled a 5-gallon paint bucket. Friend weighed around 330lbs at 5’6″.  For over a year she’d known that something… Continue reading

  • Practicalities

    Yes, it is nice that this writer spent 3 pages on how “nanny state” requirements to lose weight violates civil liberties and that ABC picked it up.  It would’ve been nice, though, to drop in the fact that diets don’t cause permanent, sustainable weight loss for most people or that the health benefits of dieting tend to be… Continue reading

  • No words

    This is just incredibly depressing.  I am so sorry this can happen in what is supposed to be the civilized world.  Take care of each other, okay? Continue reading

  • Nifty and/or Useful Links

    I found these useful & thought that you might too. Charlotte Cooper compared psychics with weight-loss sellers Weight loss industries rely as much on showbiz bravado as psychics, including the use of simple, vivid images that draw people in, such as the Before/After transformation archetype. That psychics, and weight loss companies and advocates, are types… Continue reading

  • How many non sequiturs are IN this one anyway?

    This comment came in reply to my review of my review of Health At Every Size: I personally belive that living a comfortable life is a way to longevity, so if you believe that you are over-weight, have the determination to loose the extra fat you dont want, you can do it and never loose… Continue reading

  • Acne, Height and Headaches Contagious Too!

    Remember the “study” showing that having a fat friend made you more likely to be fat?  Some researchers decided to apply the same methodology to pimples, height, and headaches.   I missed this over the holidays but Sandy at JunkFoodScience didn’t.    She summarized their results (published in the British Medical Journal) as follows: They… Continue reading

  • BMI calculator for your home page?

    If you’ve played with the iGoogle home page, you’ve seen all the different gadgets you can install.  I have news, weather, a clock, my inbox, and so forth…. But this one made me laugh.     A BMI Calculator for your home page?  I can see someone creating one, if only for practice in creating… Continue reading

  • Google Health News Surprise

    “Dieting now makes you gain weight.”  This San Francisco Chronicle article isn’t news for the fatosphere.  But it is news, indeed, a pleasant surprise, for Google News.   “Dieting is the worst thing people can do if they’re interested in weight control,” said Linda Bacon, a nutrition professor and clinical psychotherapist in the East Bay whose book, “Health at… Continue reading

  • Three Men In A Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

    At the urging of the Lord Peter group, I got Connie Willis’ comedic time-travel novel To Say Nothing of the Dog from the library (and liked it enough to buy it).  It starts off confusing (first-person narration by someone who’s time-lagged will do that) but is pretty funny, and full of golden age mystery fiction references.… Continue reading

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