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February 2009

  • DayintheLife: Oh Expletive….!!

    One of the casters on my specially-purchased, extra-wide, rated for persons up to 500lbs, office chair broke today. Part of me wishes that I was angry and ranting at the company about shoddy merchandise breaking after only a year or so. Instead, I’m embarassed that I broke the chair. I’m upset that chairs are generally… Continue reading

  • Mmmmmm….

      Whoever got the muffins and croissants for today’s “all-hands” meeting also got fresh blueberries and sliced mixed fruit (grapes, mango, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple and mushmelon).   Yum….  :) Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    5 things I’m grateful for today :)  Seattle Snow.  “Seattle Snow”, to my mind, is short-lived, scant, and doesn’t interfere much with daily life.  It’s a fun surprise to wake up to and is gone by afternoon.  Today’s snow looks to be in this category.  :) Icepacks.  I just finished icing my knee, and my, the… Continue reading

  • Ash Wednesday

    Today always reminds me of the friend who gave up Catholicism for Lent one year.  :)  I grew up born-again, in a church that was a megachurch before megachurches were cool, in a small, fairly fundie denomination.  I was so “low church” I didn’t know what “low church” was.  I was baptized Episcopalian at St… Continue reading

  • Long time no post

    Work was insane for a couple of weeks.   The anniversary / Valentine’s / President’s Day weekend that we’d planned to spend out of town?  Turned into “Friday the 13th at a local hotel,  then rush home Saturday morning to work.”  The rest of the weekend was spent tied to the computer.   Things did… Continue reading

  • Oh, Right

    Remember the post about the FDA’s warning on weight-loss supplements?     It’s receiving “comment spam” about newer, better, safer … weight-loss supplements. Continue reading

  • Playing with Wordle

      I was reminded of Wordle, a creation of the IBM Research Visual Communication Lab.   Above is an image of the 5 most-viewed-of-all-time posts from Living ~400.   Below is a bunch of the most recent comments.  What do you think?  Continue reading

  • Warnings: weight-loss supplements

    The FDA has issued more warnings about “weight-loss supplements”. As the NY Times reports,  [T]he main law on dietary supplements gives the F.D.A. jurisdiction only after the products go on the market. Rather than reviewing the supplements and approving them for sale, as the agency does with drugs, the F.D.A. is limited to spot-checking manufacturers… Continue reading

  • Fat: The Anthropology of an Obsession

    I’m reading Fat: The Anthropology of an Obsession.  I think the book is trying to be shocking.  The first essay is about fat in Nigerian culture (good if you’re female, bad if you’re male).  Another is on the Andean legend of the pishtaco, a bogeyman whose objective is to extract fat from the bodies of his victims.… Continue reading

  • Breaking out in hives…

    Not sure why, but  I’ve got itchy red bumps on my chest and the bottom half of my face, and right eye feels swollen.   There isn’t much that’s only touched my chest and face, other than my facial moisturizer, which I have stopped using just in case that’s the cause.  I’m taking enough Benedryl… Continue reading

  • “You need to eat a sammich”

    This weekend those words were directed at SJ Tucker, the singer who recently had surgery.  More specifically, I heard an older woman tell her: It’s good to see you looking so well. But dear, you need to eat a sandwich! I know this expression can be a joke.  It can also be, perhaps, an expression… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    Heidi’s gratitude postings got me thinking of posting things I’m grateful, or thankful, for in my life. So here’s a few: Fantastic 4-day weekend of music and fun :) …and coworkers who kept things going when I was gone.  Nifty green shoes!  Compliments on my purple tie-dye shirt.  Hearing SJ Tucker sing :)  Continue reading

  • The most significant “lifestyle” cause of death and disease

    We focus so much on weight, especially women. Magazines, TV shows, news, advertising, government programs. We focus on diet and exercise to “improve” our weight, but really we’re trying to improve ourselves. Yet we don’t focus on getting richer or better educated. Continue reading

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