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April 2009

  • Thankful Thursday

    A little exercise in gratitude… 1) The man of the house got his car window fixed today, after it was smashed yesterday… 2) …and the thieves only got away with maybe $15 worth of electronics.*   3) Got the deck cleaned up a bit last weekend.  Tomorrow night I’ll be digging out more of the… Continue reading

  • Using Colonics to Avoid Flu?

    Laurel has a post today on this topic and why it’s insane. [H]ave we not given up on the idea that flushing warm water up your backdoor does nothing but clean out feces that was on its way out anyway, just a bit faster? And that for some people, it’s actually bad to persist in… Continue reading

  • Fat Acceptance in the News

    Obese anti-dieting crusaders lead charge for overweight civil rights – not bad, though as Kate noted she’s co-author of Lessons from the Fat-o-spherewith Marianne Kirby.  TV host: Style could boost healthier image – mostly about What Not To Wear but includes a few paragraphs about Dr Linda Bacon’s book Health At Every Size.  Club nights for plus-size… Continue reading

  • Friday Fun: Afternoon Snack

    I spent the last hour at my desk, knowing I wanted a snack, but not sure if I how hungry I was.  Then I knew what I wanted but didn’t want to take the time to go to the kitchen and microwave it.   I had a piece of chocolate, some snack crackers….nope.  Finally I… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    Today I am thankful for… 1) Antihistimines and my inhaler.  They help me enjoy spring and not feel like I’m sick all the time. 2) Sunshine.  It is a nice change after the dark-by-4:30pm winter.  3) It appears that most of the garden survived the winter.  4) Going for a walk on a stressful day…yes,… Continue reading

  • Clipping: Size Doesn’t Matter in Diversity Woman

    Size Doesn’t Matter (PDF), published in Diversity Woman magazine, discusses size discrimination in the workplace.  Some of it’s pretty grim, such as the statistic that “[w]omen who are classified as obese generally earn 12 percent less than thin women” and are less likely to be hired.  It also notes that “biggest loser” contests are not helpful,… Continue reading

  • Ah, the 70s…

    Not to detract from Fillyjonk’s post, but this rant of Meowser’s on the 70s is spot-on. I didn’t know any vegetarians in the 70s.  Yes, “whole wheat” bread was weird, and veggies were limp.  A “diet plate” was a hamburger patty, cottage cheese, and a tomato slice.  Yes, the diagnosis criteria for diabetes and heart… Continue reading

  • TV Turn-Off Week

    I’ve mentioned that it can be easier to live fat in a thin world if you opt out of diet commercials and TV programs, and here it is, TV Turn-Off Week.   More info on TV Turn-Off week is here and WikiHow’s How to Quit Watching TV is here.   On the other hand, it’s thanks to TV that we had… Continue reading

  • Mixed Links

    A nice piece on beating stress & angst Contraceptive pills may reduce or prevent muscle growth. From an article on being fat and fit:  As long as people see physical activity primarily as a way of losing weight, they are unlikely to keep it up, either because it doesn’t achieve that objective quickly or because… Continue reading

  • Food for Thought

    Rachel’s post on how “food restriction isn’t torture because Americans diet all the time” reminded me of this… A friend requested that I “hold her hand” at a Diabetes Education class this week.  I hadn’t realized she’d meant it literally.*  I wasn’t really surprised by a lot of it, including when the nutritionist emphasized that… Continue reading

  • Sweetener Wars

    In the news: the “Sweetener Wars” continue as the blue, pink, and yellow packets are being joined with green Stevia packets.  Also there’s more “combination” sweeteners coming out.  What I find interesting is the mix of preferences.  Those who avoid sugar for medical reasons. Those who find avoiding aspartame, HFCS,  sugar, or sucralose reduces headaches or… Continue reading

  • More: How Very Obese People Are Almost Completely Sedentary…

    Or rather, on how the “almost completely sedentary” in  “Very Obese Adults Almost Completely Sedentary” is defined.   The full text of the study isn’t freely available, but the abstract is linked in here.  The results include: On average, subjects took 3,763 ± 2,223 steps. That implies a range between 1,430 and 5,986 steps a… Continue reading

  • Day in the Life: Someone Parked Too Close…

    Don’t you hate it when someone parks too close to your car door for you to open it and get in?   For years, that was a freak-out moment for me. “OMG this is totally my fault because I’m fat!!  A normal person would be able to get in the car and I can’t!!!  Eek!” … Continue reading

  • Pollen Sucks

    Seriously.   Nose running, eyes itching, I take extra antihistimines – and then nibble on chocolate-covered coffee beans* to compensate for the resulting drowsiness.**  I’m coughing up the occasional bit of phlegm, too, and my lungs feel fullish. The one good thing is that even though I feel sick, I’m probably not actually contagious.   How’s… Continue reading

  • Very Obese Adults Almost Completely Sedentary?

    For all the freaking out in the media about the obesity crisis, there’s not much research on folks who are very fat.  So a study on folks with an average BMI of 53 shows some promise…right? Sorry.  The headline: “Very Obese Adults Almost Completely Sedentary“.  I’m not sure how many people are going to read beyond… Continue reading

  • What I’m Reading…

    An article on public policy vs academic research tackles salt, but I wonder if the same thing could not be said about dieting.  If you were an academic researcher, you’d have to persuade your institutional review board that you had considered the risks and obtained informed consent from the participants. […] But if you are… Continue reading

  • Vanilla

    I’m not sexy but I really want to be I hear that’s normal for my demographic I don’t look good in skirts and even wedges hurt my feet […] A nicely balanced budget’s not so thrilling   Courtesy’s outdated and sobriety is lame  Reliability is not appealing But I don’t know any other way to… Continue reading

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