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October 2009

  • Living400lbs: Monthly Roundup

    Most-viewed posts from this month: Who reads a 400lb lady’s blog, anyway? Health At Every Size “whether you’re 100 Kim Weighs In: Getting Active Some Things Worth Reading On the Hamster Wheel Note this is not counting the perennial favorite Why This Blog is Anonymous, or On Not Coming Out (possibly because October includes National… Continue reading

  • Supersize Halloween Sales

    I already posted about Halloween costumes I have known.  As it happens I’m probably not dressing up this year.  But, FYI, Making it Big (2x-8x) has put more stuff on sale this weekend, and  Junonia (XL-6X) is doing a theme: 31% off black apparel (the offer code is embedded in this link). Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [Another weekly exercise in gratitude.] 1) My knee may not be getting much better but it’s not worse. 2) Being able to structure my day around resting, icing, and exercising my knee. 3) Ibuprofen, Doan’s, heating pads, and other such modern wonders. 4) The man of the house, for being patient with my whining. 5) This summary… Continue reading

  • Wardrobe Adjustments

    Part of why I started the virtual window shopping posts is that I’m not buying a lot of clothing right now.   But I have been changing my wardrobe: I’ve been adjusting it.  Or perhaps I should say altering it. See, I had a pair of pants that had sprouted “wear holes” at the top… Continue reading

  • Some Things Worth Reading

    Suethsayings summarized the research on long-term weight loss surgery results. Bree at Life on FATS asks if anyone’s been refused entrance to a nightclub for being fat.  (I replied over there but thought I’d try “boosting the signal” ;) Anyone thinking of doing NaNoWriMo?  I’ve done it in the past, but not this year. Naafa… Continue reading

  • On the Hamster Wheel

    One of the frequent refrains in the discussion of Angry Gray Rainbow’s “I Hate Exercise” post was the dislike of exercise bikes, treadmills, and other “hamster-wheel exercise-for-the-sake-of-exercising”.   I grinned when I saw it, because yes, I’d rather walk to someplace than walk in place or around the block. But, then, there’s today.  Today my… Continue reading

  • So how was your weekend?

    Continuing from last week, my left thigh and knee are very sore today. Saturday I went to the soccer game and found that walking a 1/2 mile or so, generally, wasn’t a problem — as long as I kept a regular stride and speed, and stayed on mostly level sidewalks.  (Which is much easier on… Continue reading

  • Fun: Two Lumps: Fat & Furry

    The left leg (which has traditionally been the “good” leg) has decided to give me pain and occasionally not want to work.  I’m not thrilled with this.  I am exercising carefully and taking ibuprofen and trying to not freak out. In the interest of not freaking out, I’m reading They Still Suspect Nothing: Two Lumps Year… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [Another weekly exercise in gratitude.] It’s Thursday and I’m thankful for: 1) Over 300 responses to yesterday’s poll and some great discussion in the comments.  Wow! 2) Ibuprofen, because I slacked off on walking for a week and strength training for mumble and both knees hurt. 3) But, despite slacking off I can and did walk a… Continue reading

  • Who reads a 400lb lady’s blog, anyway?

    I’ve talked about how most fat people aren’t my size, but I know from comments and emails that many of you are my size.   So, in the interest of fun, comes this: I’ve also seen some speculation about how many folks Read fat acceptance blogs, and Are trying to lose weight. So why not… Continue reading

  • Symptoms of Fat People

    “symptoms of fat people” showed up today in the table of items people searched on* that led them to my site. So: what are “symptoms of fat people”?  I always thought it was weight vs height. Or visible padding.   What else?   Breathing hard?   Physical weakness?  Diabetes?   An obsession with what other people think of them… Continue reading

  • Virtual Window Shopping: Nifty Prices

    [Looking at supersize / extended size clothing which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled by fat people.] Mostly with the virtual window shopping I’ve been looking at women’s clothes that I could wear* and that I think are really really nifty.   This week it’s stuff I could wear, like enough to wear,… Continue reading

  • NYT: Comparing Fatness and Shortness

    Daniel Engber asks in  the New York Times Sunday Magazine why the “reduce obesity” drumbeat doesn’t also spawn a “reduce shortness” drumbeat. We’ve long known that stature can serve as a crude measure of public health. If everyone came from a perfect home, the average height across the population would be a function of our… Continue reading

  • Kim Weighs In: Getting Active

    Kim Brittingham is a fat chick who isn’t afraid to get on YouTube.  I liked the humor in this short about exercise; I also think the shirt with the back pocket is cool. She’s also posted other videos, including 2 shorts on … shoes. I have Aravons myself, though not exactly the ones she features.… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [Another weekly exercise in gratitude.] I’m thankful for: 1) The man of house, for going above & beyond the call of duty tonight and Sunday. 2) Annual physical today did not include a weight lecture. 3) My walking endurance is slowly increasing;  30 minutes or an hour is very doable.   I was also able to stand… Continue reading

  • Health At Every Size “whether you’re 100lbs or 500lbs”

    The LA Times ran a couple articles on Health At Every Size this weekend. Diets? Not for these folks Do extra pounds always equal extra risk? One bit that from the second article gave me a smile: “You can’t know just based on a person’s size whether that person has good or poor health habits,”… Continue reading

  • Virtual Window Shopping: Halloween

    [Looking at supersize / extended size clothing which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled by fat people.] I’ve done different things for Halloween.  One piece is the Love Your Peaches catsuit in black velvet.  I bought it for clubbing, but it (or black leggings and top) can be the basis of many a… Continue reading

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