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January 2010

  • Thankful Thursday

    [a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude] 1) Walking more regularly has been improving my ability to walk.  I walked a lot more today than usual, without pain. 2) Getting over the cold that kept me out of work last week.  I may still cough, but I do have energy now. 3) I did let being sick… Continue reading

  • Things Worth Reading: Epidemics and Safeway’s Wellness Incentives

    From ABC Australia comes Australia’s disordered eating epidemic: [W]e are not in the midst of an obesity epidemic, as it is often claimed. We are in the midst of an epidemic of disordered eating. The solutions prescribed to combat obesity are often the same behaviours we as practitioners are diagnosing in those suffering from eating… Continue reading

  • “Screening for obesity in kids” is NEW?

    Wait – “experts urge screening for obesity in kids“?   The tone of the article implies that this is new, that this is something that hasn’t already been done to death, as if kids weren’t being put on diets in grade school 35 years ago. Oh wait, we’re still fat.  So what are they proposing… Continue reading

  • Barefoot Contessa

    I came a bit late to the Barefoot Contessa party, but watching The Food Network meant it had to happen sooner or later. Ina Garten was a White House policy analyst before buying a specialty food store and caterer called Barefoot Contessa. Eventually she sold the store and turned to writing cookbooks and magazine columns before… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude] 1) Orange-mango-banana smoothies, or at least the one I had on the way home today.  I seem to be coming down with something — headache, a bit of a sore throat, some coughing and sneezing, very little appetite.  I left work a bit early because I was feeling worse.  Partway… Continue reading

  • Ah, January

    More weight-loss ads on TV.  More gym promotions.  More articles in the paper.  In December, the local grocery had Stouffer’s cheaper than Lean Cuisine; this month, it’s reversed. Some of my friends are upset that they gained weight in December.  Most frame this in “I was doing so good on my diet but in December….”… Continue reading

  • One Little Commitment

    Just one.  I’m not a person for New Year’s Resolutions, and yet … I seem to have made a commitment to myself.  And to my knees.  It’s just one thing, it only takes about 30-60 minutes a day, and yet it seems to have completely eaten my brain. What is it? Going.  For a walk.  Every.  Day. Not… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    1) Walking is much better; been leaving the cane in the car most of the time. 2) Fun evening exploring Microsoft’s private “mall” one afternoon with a friend. 3) Getting better at prioritizing and being gentle with myself. 4) My office seems much warmer since I got back from vacation.  It’s nice not to HAVE… Continue reading

  • Virtual Window Shopping: Sanctuarie Va-Voom

    [Looking at supersize / extended size clothing which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled by fat people.] Sanctuarie’s princess-seamed dress and wrap might work for Valentine’s Day.  Or clubbing. I’m not feeling quite enough love to buy a dress that would require a strapless bra, but it is nice to see a dressy… Continue reading

  • Time for what?

    This year I was able to take off one day a week from work in December, along with the time between Christmas and New Year’s. Which means this is my first full work week in  over a month. I happened to run across this last night, in Kathleen Norris’ book The Cloister Walk: In our… Continue reading

  • Random Items from My Day

    Still here.  Still weigh the same as I did before the holidays. (That’s simply a fact, BTW, not a success or failure.  But it’s not what people expect, even though it’s incredibly average.) Excerpt from IM: Me: My dad called just as Good Eats started today.  It was an episode on Alton’s recent weight loss and… Continue reading

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