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April 2010

  • Thankful Thursday

    [a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude] This Thursday I’m especially thankful for: Interesting conversations about OA, trusting medical practitioners, and fat acceptance. Figuring out how to update a friend’s website despite no prior experience in the content management system it’s setup with or the language the site is using. Exercising regularly isn’t hurting.  I realize this may be… Continue reading

  • Virtual Window Shopping: SWAK

    [Virtual Window Shopping is looking at supersize / extended size clothing that I think is nifty.  Preferably modeled by fat people.] Does the blue-and-white top at right look like a “crew neck” to you?  Because — while I like the top, which is from Sealed With A Kiss Designs (SWAK for short) I gotta say that looks… Continue reading

  • Music Monday

    It’s Monday. I need something to help me re-adjust to work, and music usually fits the bill. Today is Avalon Rising performing Black Davie’s Ride. Left to right: Margaret Davis, Kristoph Klover, Scott Irwin, Cat Taylor, Mark Ungar. And yes, that’s a full harp Margaret is playing. Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude] Things I am thankful for this week: Lesley of Fatshionista is in Newsweek, and it’s being read. Went to the Sounders game with the man of the house on Saturday, parked 1/2 mile from the stadium (cheaper parking) and had no problems with the walking. The game was fun, too! Survived… Continue reading

  • Things I don’t want to share…

    …I don’t want them to need sharing.  I don’t want them to be real. But they are. Item: Man justifies murdering his wife, Maheshwari, because she was fat. Sadly, “bride-burning” — murdering a new wife because the dowry’s too small — is an all-too-common form of domestic violence in India. Item: Pheobe Prince killed herself because… Continue reading

  • Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution”

    I didn’t watch the show. I wasn’t going to blog about it, for one thing. But this article Arun Gupta wrote at Alternet is fascinating, digging into the various federal and state requirements for school lunches, how both policy and kids’ tastes encourages the use of processed foods … and here I am, blogging about… Continue reading

  • Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves

    The phrase “wicked girls saving ourselves” was used in a pendant by Mia, who creates pendants as Chimera Fancies (among other things).   Seanan McGuire, who is a bit of a polymath, turned this phrase into a song. Lyrics are here. Below she sings it at DucKon with help from Vixy & Tony, SJ Tucker,… Continue reading

  • Weight loss math isn’t as simple as they thought

    The Wall Street Journal wrote recently that research doesn’t actually support the notion that permanently increasing your food intake by a certain amount will correspond to indefinite weight gain.  Instead, the body finds a new setpoint and adjusts itself. Consider the chocolate-chip-cookie fan who adds one 60-calorie cookie to his daily diet. By the old… Continue reading

  • Taxes as a metaphor

    So I was thinking about tax day.  Not just income taxes, but “taxes” in the metaphorical sense.  Erin at A Dress A Day once wrote, prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked “female”.   A lot of people assume women will do whatever they need to to look pretty – like… Continue reading

  • Quote of the Day

    From an Alternet article focusing on Linda Bacon’s book Health At Every Size, Jamie Oliver’s new show, and Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign: [R]esearch shows that people of all sizes have similar diets, but it only manifests as weight gain in some of us. People today eat more calorie-dense, nutrient-poor convenience foods than Americans did in… Continue reading

  • Music Monday

    Heading back to work.  Went grocery shopping yesterday with an idea of breaking up my “lunch rut” a bit, so I have fresh fruit and veggies to jazz things up a bit. Anyway, here’s the music I’m listening to to psych myself up for work ;)   Ever hear This Train Is Bound For Glory?… Continue reading

  • Sleep Eating and Fat Dissolvers

    On the one hand, I think it’s great that more sleep research is going on and that it’s possible to treat those who become violent in their sleep or who sleepwalk (or drive).  Busting myths can definitely be a good thing (“violence during the night does not signify lurking aggression.”)  Communicating that yes, some people… Continue reading

  • Virtual Window Shopping: New at Making it Big

    [Virtual Window Shopping is looking at supersize / extended size clothing that I think is nifty.  Preferably modeled by fat people.] In the last few years I’ve been acquiring more tie-dye shirts. I think it’s partly that they tend to be a subtly variegated pattern, and I prefer the subtle patterns (at least in everyday life… Continue reading

  • Music Monday

    …I spent the weekend running around a fan convention.*  Today is my “recuperation” day before I return to work.  One would think I could write a great article today, but … no.  I can’t brain today, I haz the dumb. So instead, here’s a sweet song about fandom. Sung by: Vixy & Tony Written by:… Continue reading

  • Kraft Dinner Mix-Ins

    I think part of what turned me off to the Food Network’s “Semi-Homemade” cooking show, even before I heard the host’s voice, was the very concept of a TV show built around variations on store-bought / prepackaged food.   “People need to be told to do that?” and “God, how boring” where my thoughts.  … Continue reading

  • Some May Be Thinner Than They Think!

    As if being naturally thin wasn’t bad enough, here comes this panic from Healthy Weight Today: Everyone’s aware of the dangers of being too thin, including increased risk of early death.   But now concern is rising that some people who may be technically fat may not have enough body fat to actually be healthy.… Continue reading

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