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September 2010

  • Thankful Thursday

    [a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude] The man of the house baked a chicken with some rosemary this evening.  He accompanied it with broccoli with cheese sauce,  green beans steamed with red potatoes, corn cooked with onions, cold sliced beets, and French bread.   As we were eating he said, “So did I make the Thankful Thursday this… Continue reading

  • A year or two ago …

    Two years ago, I wrote 2 of the most-read posts of this blog: on stress incontinence and jock itch.   I worked hard on both of those posts. I was a bit embarrassed to admit they were problems I deal with, but I also felt that writing a bad post on either would be worse… Continue reading

  • Doing the Same Thing, Expecting Different Results

    Can you place this quote? Just about everyone can list ways to fight childhood obesity: schools should alter lunch menus, teach nutrition and hold more physical education classes. At home, parents should be more diligent and the Xbox less available. Here’s the problem: as logical as these suggestions might sound, when many of them have… Continue reading

  • Ditto: Standing In The Way Of Control

    Beth Ditto, lead singer of the band Gossip, is in the news again, this time taking on the belief that thin=healthy and fat=not healthy. “I’m not an unhealthy person and… one of the most tiring parts of being fat and being proud of it is… you do a lot of proving yourself all the time.” She… Continue reading

  • QOTD: Exercise

    From Linda Bacon, in an interview at Psych Central: [E]xercising regularly will have a much more dramatic improvement on the health of a fat person than if he or she were to lose weight. Thin people don’t have longer life spans solely based on their weight. Fitness levels play a much larger role in health… Continue reading

  • A few things

    1, I am feeling sort of “stuck” these days and it’s getting to the point where it’s pissing me off. 2, A comment in the spam filter got me giggling when it talked about how I might not lose much weight if I exercised but if I were to start exercising I would lose fat… Continue reading

  • Music Monday: Hermione Granger the Pirate Queen

    Talk Like a Pirate Day was yesterday, Sept 19. Per JK Rowling, Hermione Granger‘s birthday is Sept 19. Enter Tom Smith: (If the above doesn’t work, you can also listen, read the lyrics and get a free download here.  Along with lots of other good music.) Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude] It’s Thursday and I’m thankful for: I’m getting better at exercising regularly.  It’s having results in terms of feeling stronger & being able to do more physically. The rain is watering the yard for me. One less item on the to-do list :) …and the roses are still blooming. Fresh strawberries… Continue reading

  • A Year or Two Ago…

    Two years ago I wrote about my knee problems for the first time. I also compared what I think of as “magazine math” such as “An average person walking half an hour a day will lose 13 pounds a year” with an actual study involving an hour of aerobics a day, 6 days a week… Continue reading

  • Not quite a post

    So I’d like to write a post, but I’m not sure what about.  At the moment I’m listening to Fatcast and doing leg lifts. I am pleased that I can lie down and do a couple sets of a dozen double-leg raises — lifting both legs together so the feet are about a foot off… Continue reading

  • Things to Read

    From Marianne Kirby at The Rotund: FA represents a long chain of people coming to the realization that the diet roller coaster is, to mix my metaphors, a sucker bet. The diet industry – when you get down to the bare, capitalist bones of it – has quite a lot of profit to be made… Continue reading

  • Music Monday: Midichlorian Rhapsody & Wastin’ Away Again on Tatooine

    I didn’t mean to make a post last Tuesday and then not post at all.  But Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy at work, capping off with a midnight release.  Thursday I slept in and ran around helping setup a concert for an indie artist (and it seemed every mic cord had multiple knots in it…grr)… Continue reading

  • A Year or Two Ago…

    Just over a year ago we were remembering the deaths of people who were “too fat” to evacuate after Katrina. Later that week I wrote a post on buying plane tickets that still gets a number of hits. Two years ago I wrote one of this blog’s most-googled/viewed posts.  (Why “fat woman sex” is one of the… Continue reading

  • Happy Labor Day, y’all

    If you have not already discovered Two Lumps, check out their site. Or the books, which include bonus commentary from the writer & artist: I Would Lick It For Hours: Two Lumps Year One We Must Be Gods: Two Lumps Year Two Today I Hunt…Humankind: Two Lumps Year Three They Still Suspect Nothing: Two Lumps… Continue reading

  • Sleep-Deprived Teens May Pay A Hefty Price

    That’s the title of this piece on Yahoo! news about teens who sleep less eating more fats.  (Eating more fat = the “hefty price”.  Geddit?  Amazing how reporters think nobody’s ever made a fat joke before them.) In the study, adolescents who slept fewer than eight hours on a weeknight consumed more of their daily… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude] It’s Thursday and I’m thankful for: I have a job. Yeah, there were times Wednesday when I really just wanted to LEAVE, but … I have a job.  It provides me with income.  Income good. Nudemuse’s post on beginning body acceptance.  This rocks, and I’m glad I read it. The relaxing… Continue reading

  • Another HAES Quote

    This quote on Health At Every Size is from Michelle, aka The Fat Nutritionist.  Links within the quote were added by me. [D]ieting purports to make all people lose weight, permanently. Because 80-95% of the people who engage in it do not lose weight permanently, dieting fails as an intervention. It fails to achieve its… Continue reading

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