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March 2011

  • Some things I’m glad about today

    1)  Riding the bus to my new job means I’m walking daily again, at least on weekdays. Funny how walking even a 1/2 mile or so every day can feel good, even if it’s spread throughout the day. 2)  Yes, I have a temp gig.   At the moment it’s a better fit than the… Continue reading

  • Ah, The Fat-Phobic Media

    The headline: “Are the Religious Prone to Obesity?” The facts: A study finding that those who attend religious services most frequently tend to gain more weight in middle age.  Those who attend religious services most frequently also tend to be healthier. What I consider fat-phobic: The “healthier” is seen as despite the weighing more in… Continue reading

  • Things to Read

    As others have noted, Paul Campos’ piece on how the US “Let’s Move” campaign aids and abets bullying is worth reading.  Besides noting that advocating for “child obesity to be eliminated” paints a “pick on me” sign on anyone who isn’t model-thin, Campos also cites studies that have tried healthy interventions with children in the… Continue reading

  • Music Monday: Tanglewood Tree

    …featuring New York Times Bestselling author Seanan McGuire (blonde) with Vixy (redhead) & Tony (guitar), Betsy Tinney (cello) and Amy McNally (violin).  Recorded at a bookstore event for Seanan’s first novel Rosemary and Rue. (Music starts about 30 seconds in.  A studio recording of  Tanglewood Tree with many of the same performers is also on… Continue reading

  • Heart Risk – BMI Not Useful

    Or as Reuters put it: “[T]he best predictors of future heart risk are measures of blood pressure, cholesterol and history of diabetes.” According to a paper in The Lancet: BMI, waist circumference, and waist-to-hip ratio, whether assessed singly or in combination, do not importantly improve cardiovascular disease risk prediction in people in developed countries when additional… Continue reading

  • Happy Music

    It may not seem like a day for it, but today I want something to perk me up and make me smile.  Today, that’s Tom Smith. (Click the song title to go to a page with the lyrics.) Tom’s a self-employed musician who mostly sells music at sci fi conventions, which is to say, he’s… Continue reading

  • Correlation Humor

    Headline:   Passport ownership prevents diabetes.   Do YOU have a passport?    Don’t forget to drink coffee! :)   (More seriously: Poverty is associated with diabetes.  Most fat people don’t get diabetes. Thin people can develop diabetes.  Oh, and Kelly Bliss notes that yellow teeth doesn’t cause lung cancer.) Continue reading

  • QOTD: Why Stigmatize Fat Kids?

    From Pattie Thomas’ post at Psychology Today in response to a “Cease to be obese crusade” billboard on how kids should exercise: Why do you have to promote weight loss in order to promote exercise? If you really believe in the calorie in/calorie burned model, promoting exercise and healthy eating for every one would automatically… Continue reading

  • Junonia QuikJersey

    Has anyone tried Junonia’s QuikJersey items?  Currently they’re $25 off through Sunday night (US Central Time) when offer code KMH6L is entered.  The items include a tank, leggings, shorts, and a track jacket. Offer details: How to apply your promotion code: At checkout, on the Billing Information page, go to the section labeled “Offer or… Continue reading

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