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April 2011

  • Head, Meet Desk

    Ah, emails…. Is it really surprising that I don’t want to hear about the great new diet website? That I don’t want to read a book about weight loss? (No, not even your wonderful revolutionary diet that reveals the hidden secret of weight loss!) That I don’t want to go on a diet? That I… Continue reading

  • Research on the Health Benefits of Moderate Exercise

    From an article on “what’s the best exercise” comes a concise summary of the benefits of moderate exercise: The health benefits of activity follow a breathtakingly steep curve. “The majority of the mortality-related benefits” from exercising are due to the first 30 minutes of exercise, said Timothy Church, M.D., who holds the John S. McIlhenny… Continue reading

  • US Obesity Rates Level Off Again?

    Oh, not again.  Still.  They’ve been level for years, but this time the Journal of the American Medical Association noticed. There’s discussion as to why, such as “people are getting healthier”.  Given how dieters often gain weight in the long term, I thought this perspective a bit more realistic: Dr. Ludwig said the plateau might… Continue reading

  • Things That’s Up

    New job is going well.   It’s my first completely non-managerial job in years.  Even when I was a “department of one” I was was still doing a lot of project / process management. I’m enjoying just doing things. I also like this “getting paid” thing.  ;) My commute is about an hour each way, sometimes… Continue reading

  • Twitter Party

    There’s a bunch of fat folks tweeting about “things fat people are told” – in twitterspeak, #thingsfatpeoplearetold. (The # before makes it searchable.)   Some examples: You have muscle? But have you really, really TRIED to lose weight? You’re too fat to do yoga properly, so don’t think you’re REALLY doing yoga. Your allergies (that… Continue reading

  • QOTD: Fitness and fatness

    From Reuters, on a study in patients with coronary artery disease that looked at fitness levels and BMI: [Heart specialist and study leader Dr. Francisco] Lopes-Jimenez said, the lesson for patients is clear: try to improve your physical fitness. “It is much easier to become fit than it is to become slim,” he said. “Anybody who… Continue reading

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