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October 2011

  • For All The Parents Out There…

    Think about how you will react if your child is fat.  Over time, if you’re making it clear that you don’t want a fat son or daughter, well, your son or daughter may not be able to stop being fat.  But your son or daughter can eventually choose to stop being your son or daughter.… Continue reading

  • My fat eats cellphones

    I lost my phone.  I thought  it was next to me on the couch.  Or maybe in the couch.  The couch doesn’t have separate cushions, but there is an opening in the fabric in the back near the support that my cell loves to dive for and it’s difficult to get out of…..  Anyway.  I couldn’t find… Continue reading

  • Rebecca Puhl on Chris Christie & Weight Bias

    Rebecca Puhl is the director of research at the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale.  The Rudd Center is pro-weight loss, which can be disconcerting to run across on their website. Nonetheless, they do useful research on weight discrimination and health, not to mention writing articles for CNN on how weight discrimination affects the news… Continue reading

  • Office Breakfast

    The man of the house had picked up a variety pack of instant oatmeal for a trip.  We didn’t eat it then.  Monday I brought it into the office with me. 2 packets in a coffee cup + hot water = hot breakfast.   I don’t eat it every day, but when I was too… Continue reading

  • Fat Women Shouldn’t Exist

    From a Jezebel piece (originally on First, Do No Harm) on troubles getting an abortion because the anesthesiologist doesn’t do patients with a BMI over 40: So not only are fat women not meant to be attractive to men and not meant to have sex, and not be able to get pregnant, when we do get… Continue reading

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