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… and believe me I am still alive

November 2011

  • Semi-Random Update

    I am sitting naked on my couch, wrapped in an afghan. “Breakfast” this morning was a banana, 2 butterflake rolls, and a glass of diet Pepsi. My temp job is taking huge amounts of my time.  I will likely be working some today, for example. More permanent positions may be added in my group. I… Continue reading

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    This year I offer a couple funny songs about Thanksgiving: :) Continue reading

  • Go Away Stalkers

    Online harassers are being discussed again (or maybe it never stopped). I don’t have a solution. I do have a rockin’ dance track for it, though. To quote the artist: “Go Away God Boy” was written in roughly three hours, after a telephone call with my friend the poet Mia Nutick, also known as the… Continue reading

  • Reality

    I’m not sure when I realized that yes, maintaining a regular schedule is GOOD FOR ME, if only because it helps me sleep regularly. Adrenaline does not automatically kick in to cover for lack of sleep now — perhaps it’s getting older? But anyway. Regular schedules. Regular sleep is good. Regular schedules also means I… Continue reading

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Former software tester, now retired heart patient having fun and working on building endurance and strength. See also About page.

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