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January 2012

  • Junk Food In Schools Doesn’t Correlate To Fat

    Remember how banning junk food in schools was supposed to make fat kids thin?  Guess what?  No,  it doesn’t.  At least not according to “Competitive Food Sales in Schools and Childhood Obesity: A Longitudinal Study” in Sociology of Education (January 2012). But of course we should’ve thought it would, right?  It’s not like “Snack food intake does not… Continue reading

  • Not News

    The website Fark makes fun of news stories that are not, actually, news. Example:  Students Discover Desks Have More Germs Than Toilets Why isn’t it news?  Well, it’s a common story that pops up once a year or two, and relies on people not thinking about which is more likely to get janitorial attention. Today… Continue reading

  • Five Things Makes a Post

    New job! I have a new job.  The place I was temping hired me in late December.  I’m not doing exactly the same job, which is both “new and scary” and “cool and interesting”.   It’s also been interesting to note that the things I was looking forward to ending with the contract (the commute,… Continue reading

  • Haven

    About 10 months ago I began to view my bedroom as a haven. It’s not just mine; I share it with the man of the house.  But the bedroom has none of my dad’s unpaid bills, bank statements, or benefit applications. It didn’t have boxes of belongings to sort through. It didn’t have my exploding… Continue reading

  • Waiting

    I am waiting outside a medical supply store that’s closed for lunch. Why? To pick up some catheter supplies for my dad. Yes, my life is so glamorous. :/ Continue reading

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