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April 2012

  • Surprise

    As I got out of the shower this morning I was greeted by the man of the house singing “Happy Birthday” and holding out a plate with Top Pot maple bar (with birthday candle).  I was delighted and happy.  Sometimes it’s nice to realize that surprises can be good as well as bad. Continue reading

  • Monday…yeah, I guess it is…

    Nothing like meeting and interviewing 6 5 4 3 job candidates in different buildings after a 1-hour whirlwind meeting to make me feel scattered.  I did pull it together, though, and I think I did a good job of interviewing.  I tend to dress a little more on the “business” side of business casual when I… Continue reading

  • Food Wants and Aversions

    I grew up either on a diet (and craving what was denied by the diet) or off a diet (and eating everything the diet denied).   No in between. Now I can and do eat what I want.  And I find my wants vary.  Some days I really, really want, really crave … a banana.… Continue reading

  • Music Monday: Good Morning Moon (with finger puppets)

    From Marian Call comes this perky and upbeat video.   She’s introduced it in concert as the song she wrote for a NASA “write a song to use to wake up the shuttle astronauts” contest. It didn’t win, but it’s a perky wakeup song.  It’s Monday.  Have some perky. (Update: embed isn’t always working but you… Continue reading

  • Music: Alright, okay, I give in

    I haven’t done a music post in while, so here’s one.  As mentioned on twitter I went to Norwescon this year.  I liked much of the music in the concerts, but this one by Vixy & Tony touched in me in particular.  It’s not recorded yet.  All I have is a cellphone video someone uploaded… Continue reading

  • Blog commenting

    Is it just me or is the combo of “prove you’re not a robot” and OpenID on sites difficult?  I tried to leave comments on a couple blogspot sites today and it kept insisting that I didn’t read the image correctly or that OpenID had erred.  Gave up on OpenID and tried to just… Continue reading

  • Big Fat Sleep

    No, it’s not news that lack of sleep is tied to fat. What sleep researcher Dr. Orfeu Buxton found is more information on how this occurs. The resting metabolic rate of the volunteers by the end of the five weeks was 8% lower than where they had started. […]  That could explain why night shift workers tend to gain… Continue reading

  • Americans Are Fatter Than They Think!

    I tweeted this, but I’m just not sure how to fully express the snark this deserves, so I thought y’all might want to give it a try. See, a study has discovered that…drumroll…BMI can be inaccurate!!!!  Really!!!  You might be fat and not know it!!!  (eeek!)  And since most people who are “overweight or obese” aren’t… Continue reading

  • Anyone who uses an alarm clock ”is by definition sleep-deprived”

    Quoting this here, because sometimes I need the reminder that I don’t control my sleep needs. S]ocietal pressure [to go short on sleep], what nationally recognized sleep expert Dr. Mark Mahowald calls “the pervasive, erroneous attitude that sleep is not a biological imperative, that it is negotiable. We have raised sleep deprivation to a badge… Continue reading

  • Game of Thrones Season 2 Leaked

    If you are a Game of Thrones fan it may interest you to know that season 2 has been leaked in great detail. According to “[n]otorious author George R. R. Martin has immediately taken credit for the leaked information becoming public.”  Tor also quotes “an unnamed HBO exec” as saying “Reading is for people who want to… Continue reading

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