Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

May 2012

  • Kitties!

    Some days just need kitties. Continue reading

  • QOTD: Health

    The debate about what exactly health means goes back to ancient Greece. Does health just mean living a long time? Does it mean feeling strong? Are athletes the epitomy of health? In fact, athletes suffer more injuries and illnesses than the rest of the population because they push themselves so hard. So who represents health? What about spiritual health?… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    Because it can be helpful to think about what’s going right. 1) My carpool. 2) Converting a favorite out-of-print exercise tape to DVD. 3) Allergies doing better. 4) The last book of Mira Grant’s trilogy is out and I loved so much of it. (The titles, in order, are Feed, Deadline, and Blackout. Do read… Continue reading

  • Things to read

    From Jezebel’s Work-Life Balance Isn’t Just for Moms: The basic point of all of this is that whether you have kids, have a partner but no kids, or are living alone, working too much sucks. It’s no way to live, and we’re not dummies. So at some point, most of us realize that we’d rather do… Continue reading

  • What does it say about our society

    …  that my reaction to feeling low-energy and blah in the morning is “drink coffee” not “eat breakfast”? (And yes, I spent my teen years either on a weight-loss diet or expected to be on a weight-loss diet.) Continue reading

  • A Periodic Welcome Post

    I thought it might be helpful to fill in any new folks. What’s this blog? I started this blog to have a place to talk about fat acceptance and how my life is and isn’t affected by being very fat. Do you really weigh 400lbs?  Pretty much, give or take 5%. Do you look like… Continue reading


    …or rather, a site is starting to show fat people’s reaction to America’s (drumroll…fanfare…lights…) Obesity Nightmare  It started with a Tumblr post, and has continued with photos from Brian (at Red No 3) and Turn It Over. Why? Because we do not exist to be the government’s or the healthcare industry’s nightmare. We are people. We… Continue reading

  • Things to read

    I think a lot of people look to exercise to help them lose weight, and when they don’t lose weight immediately with exercise, they quit. They return to the couch, and they basically never move again. What is lost in that is that fitness is almost certainly more important than fatness. — Gretchen Reynolds, promoting… Continue reading

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