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June 2012

  • Some Things To Read

    The Fat Nutritionist has an excellent, and sadly useful, post titled “A little 101 – I get to exist.” It is okay to be fat, because fat people already exist. Fat people have existed for a very, very long time. Even if all of us tried, not all of us would become permanently thin. Fat people exist. We… Continue reading

  • Kitchen Heroes

    The man of the house made dinner tonight.  Not fancy — a steak stir-fry and garlic bread — but colorful and crunchy yummy.  It’s not uncommon, either.  I work longer hours and I have the longer commute.  A friend was over for dinner tonight and it was comfortable and normal. Today, for some reason, it… Continue reading

  • What Does It Say That This Is News?

    The truth is, getting up and moving is good even if you’re thin. Seriously, this was included in a Sunday magazine feature on exercise.  Specifically: I’m perfectly fine the way I am, thank you. I’m not even overweight. The truth is, getting up and moving is good even if you’re thin. It turns out being… Continue reading

  • Cool Video on Weight Bigotry

      To quote SikaResult in the video: “I am healthy, but not thin.”  Note the images she chooses and how most of the video shows her exercising. Continue reading

  • Just A Rhetorical Question

    I had my first period when I was 10. I’m 46 years old. WHY aren’t I done yet??? Continue reading

  • Things to Read

    The first thing that makes me wonder about the supposed “skill gap” is that, when pressed for more evidence, roughly 10% of employers admit that the problem is really that the candidates they want won’t accept the positions at the wage level being offered. That’s not a skill shortage, it’s simply being unwilling to pay… Continue reading

  • Soda Ban?

    I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but I don’t necessarily care about New York’s proposal to ban larger-than-16oz-sugary-sodas.  Partly it’s because I’m not affected; I live in Seattle and haven’t even sampled non-diet pop* in years. I am skeptical that it would make fat people thin, naturally, but I think it would be more likely… Continue reading

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