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July 2012

  • God Should Look At Magazines to Know What People Should Look Like

      Yes, it’s funny. It also shows the disconnect between what we expect people to look like.  We expect people to look like what we’re used to seeing — and if we mostly see other people in magazines or on TV or in movies, that’s what we expect people to look like. And when the… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [an occasional exercise in gratitude] It’s Thursday and I’m thankful for… Being thanked for work I did on an event. Being complimented on my writing and this blog. Between blackout curtains and weight lifting I’m mostly getting enough sleep this summer. Physically feeling the benefits of regular strength training. Splurging on a few summer tops & such.… Continue reading

  • Interesting Results, or, Fat Not Fatal

    Not so interesting in terms of finding that being fat, alone, doesn’t make you die sooner.  But the data on how fat interacts with other conditions is interesting. Results: In analyses not adjusted for diabetes or hypertension, only severe obesity was associated with mortality (adjusted hazard ratio, 1.26; 95% confidence interval, 1.00–1.59). After adjusting for diabetes… Continue reading

  • Things In A List

    Seeking distraction from caretaking for parent with dementia? Volunteering to help organize another convention might be a bit more distraction than you need.  Abstract prints can make spills disappear.  Sleep debt is cumulative.  Dancing is fun. Baby cuddles and giggles are amazing.   Continue reading

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