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September 2012

  • It’s OK To Be Fat

    Fat people exist. Fat people have always existed. Fatness is partly genetic, partly not, and not anyone else’s business.  Yes, there is persistent societal pressure to change body weight. Still, body weight is not easy to change and changes are often not long-lasting.  Fatness, like height, can be a measure of overall population health but is not easy to change individually. Societal… Continue reading

  • Day in the Life: the search term

    One of the more popular search terms leading people to my blog lately has been “day in the life of an obese person,” leading to the series I did when I first started the blog. Being curious, I googled it. Some of the highest results? “News” stories about people in fat suits. Because seeing how… Continue reading

  • Past and Present

    Years ago there was a TV special about Women In Rock.  Many of my long-time musical favorites participated, including Seattle’s own Heart. What brought my past and present together most plainly was this sweet duet by Amy Grant (whose concert was the first I attended on my own, when I was in middle school, and… Continue reading

  • Superfat Fears

    I’ve written before that I can’t always count on finding clothing in local, physical stores in my size. Last night’s dream?  I was hours from home and somehow didn’t have my pants.  I had bra, panties, and a top – but no bottoms. And no stores had my size*.   In the dream I was in… Continue reading

  • QOTD: Avoiding Pregnancy

    [M]ost American women spend the majority of their lives trying not to get pregnant. According to the Guttmacher Institute, by the time a woman with two children is in her mid-40s, she will have spent only five years trying to become pregnant, being pregnant or in a postpartum period. So to avoid getting pregnant, she… Continue reading

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