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October 2012

  • Reducing Heart Attacks

    A Minnesota  county reduced heart attacks by 33%.   Was it due to a county weight loss campaign?  A “Let’s Move” push?  A trans-fat ban? Nope. The research, carried out by scientists at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., found a 33 percent drop in heart attack rates in one Minnesota county after public smoking… Continue reading

  • Things to Read

    From Paul Campos discusses the failure of a “sophisticated and expensive attempt” to validate the hypothesis that “significant long-term weight loss improves health outcomes”: It will probably come as a surprise to most readers to learn that this hypothesis remains almost completely unconfirmed by the medical literature – in part because we simply don’t know… Continue reading

  • Things to Read

    Free speech means that yes, you get to say anything you want (with some legal limits regarding libel and slander laws, advocating harm of another person or threatening someone with death or bodily harm, blackmail, all that), but free speech also means that other people get to say what they want, too, whether you like… Continue reading

  • QOTD: People Really Do Know How To Eat

    People really do know how to eat, otherwise we never would have survived as a species. We have internal regulation mechanisms to tell us when we are hungry and full, and to seek out a variety of foods for good nutrition. — Michelle, at her blog The Fat Nutritionist Continue reading

  • Medical Things

    Those following along on twitter know that I went to the Urgent Care near work to deal with a UTI. This, of course, brought up the “Seeing the doctor issues”. Fortunately the actual appointment went well, with no weight fight. Then it was off to the pharmacy.  The nice part was that the UTI pain… Continue reading

  • Disney chat

    I’ve had two emails since Friday about being fat at Walt Disney World.  I posted about a trip to WDW a few years ago, but if you want to share your experiences then go for it :-) Continue reading

  • FYI: Things to read & do

    One of video links going around Facebook of Jennifer Livingston linked to The Fat Nutritionist site for more information on fat acceptance. Michelle is handling the sudden influx with her usual grace, but if you want to help her cope with the many comments (or, y’know, just have some busy threads to watch) you might want… Continue reading

  • Fat Doesn’t Require Apology

    You may have seen the video where WKBT anchor Jennifer Livingston responds to a viewer complaint about her weight.  In her response, Livingston thanks those who have come to her support.  She encourages people to speak against bullying and to think about what they say in front of  kids. What she does not say?  Jennifer… Continue reading

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