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November 2012

  • Silly Moment

    “Time of the month or sneeze guard?” — The man of the house, as I added a few pads to my bag before work. Continue reading

  • A Periodic Welcome Post

    Welcome!  Hello and thank you for reading this blog.  This post is to explain some things so’s to avoid confusing newbies. What’s this blog? I started this blog to have a place to talk about fat acceptance and how my life is and isn’t affected by being very fat. Do you look like the really… Continue reading

  • Fun With Search Terms

    WordPress helpfully provides a list of the terms peopled searched on to get to this site. Some of the odder ones: how to photograph the life of an obese person 50+ super obese women is there a market for this magickal weight loss necklace review different pant cuts And the “HOW did that get you… Continue reading

  • Operation de-Dust Mite

    In October I noticed I was having more anxiety about the whole “going to the doctor” thing.  I ended up calling the asthma specialist I’d been referred to at least six months previously and going in on Monday. This was stressful in many ways. I’m freak-folks-the-hell-out fat.  I’ve got the whole mental “You mean it’s asthma,… Continue reading

  • Breakfast Pricing

    Out for breakfast one day I noticed that both the plate of 3 pancakes and the dish of cut fruit are “one side”.   Different in quantity, nutrients and fiber.  Different, too, in shelf-stability of the ingredients and labor (mixing and cooking pancakes vs chopping fruit). But the same price. Says something about our food… Continue reading

  • Fitness Quote Of The Day

    The latest study adds to mounting evidence that a sedentary lifestyle may trump obesity as a corrosive influence on health. In recent years, researchers have found that exercise, even when not accompanied by weight loss, powerfully affects a range of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. Many clinicians and researchers complain that… Continue reading

  • X Things Make A Post

    Yes, I voted.  (Yes, hopefully the USians will stop talking about elections soon!) I spent the weekend at a sci-fi con.  I was not the only too-big-for-size-24 in the hotel, which is nice.  Serious body variation FTW :) Michelle at The Fat Nutritionist wrote about “food addiction”.  (The quotes probably give away my opinion.) is… Continue reading

  • Dance

    I’d like to write something incredible and inspiring but right now I’m dancing to this song. Momma said “you’d better be a good girl” Teacher said hey “hey, turn that music down” And everyone said “the girl’s a trouble maker” And all she would ever say was “ain’t life beautiful” Want to dance? Continue reading

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