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May 2013

  • I Read This And It Changed My Life

    Readers like to talk about books they’ve read.  And one thing you’ll hear about sometimes is “this book changed my life.”   Maybe it was a book that made you feel less alone, or changed how you see the world, or inspired you. But sometimes they’re more mundane than that. Dealing with my father’s finances reinforced… Continue reading

  • Job requirements

    “Put this all together and it means the IRS needs tens of thousands of people who are (a) smart, (b) willing to do really tedious work, (c) for moderate wages, (d) while working for a soul-crushing bureaucracy, and (e) being loathed by all right-thinking people. Does this sound to you like a recipe for disaster?… Continue reading

  • Why It’s Okay To Be Fat: TedX talk from Golda Poretsky

    Golda Poretsky of BodyLoveWellness did a TedX talk on why it’s okay to be fat. Here’s a link to the chart she shows on weight and longevity, along with the full text of the paper it’s from. Continue reading

  • Music Monday

    This week some mentioned the anniversary of Jim Henson’s death, which reminded me of the song “Storyteller.”  In concert it’s been stated it was written in response to Jim Henson’s passing. Song credits: Performed by Alexander James Adams; lyrics & music by Heather Alexander. Continue reading

  • The Dose Makes The Poison

    [A study], published in 2011, followed 28,800 subjects with high blood pressure aged 55 and older for 4.7 years and analyzed their sodium consumption by urinalysis. The researchers reported that the risks of heart attacks, strokes, congestive heart failure and death from heart disease increased significantly for those consuming more than 7,000 milligrams of sodium… Continue reading

  • I’m a grownup, right?

    Forty-seven years old. Working in software (not rocket science, but involves brains) over 20 years. Employed and promoted by a company that prides itself on “hiring and promoting the best.” Have been taking various meds for allergies for over 30 years. ….so why did I forget the Flonase again??? (I’m sure it has nothing to… Continue reading

  • Music Monday

    From NASA’s Commander Chris Hadfield comes a revised version of the song “Space Oddity”. From the credits: Guitar and vocals: Chris Hadfield, recorded on board International Space Station Video produced by Evan Hadfield, edited by Andrew Tidby Music (recorded on Earth) produced and mixed by Joe Corcoran, piano arrangement by Emm Gryner With special thanks… Continue reading

  • Necessary, but not sufficient

    Money is not sufficient for happiness. Money is necessary to avoid certain forms of unhappiness. It’s really not that complicated. It only appears complicated to those who: A) have enough money; and B) don’t have enough happiness. The word they don’t understand there is “enough.” This is not entirely their fault, because much of our… Continue reading

  • When home’s not home

    We cannot bring you back when home’s not home We can’t make you pay debts you will not own We cannot reason with the unforeseen We can’t compromise when there’s no in-between — Marian Call, in her song “In The Black”. She’s released both studio and live versions. This reminds me of my parents; making… Continue reading

  • Things to Read

    By way of Slacktivist comes a piece on recognizing silencing techniques.  Some are definitely too familiar. Security guards do not always improve the learning environment.  Art teachers might be better. Petition to drop the charges against Keira Wilmot for a science experiment gone wrong and re-enroll her in school has over 36000 signatures — does it… Continue reading

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