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June 2013

  • Histamines in Food

    A bit of background: An allergen is something that triggers an allergy. When a person with allergic rhinitis breathes in an allergen such as pollen or dust, the body releases chemicals, including histamine.  Histamine […] causes dilatation of the blood vessels (flushing, rash, itching) and increased mucus production (runny nose, productive cough), and bronchoconstriction (wheezing,… Continue reading

  • Why are so many people thin?

    Closetpuritan made my jaw drop: [O]nly 3.5 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 59 get 150 minutes a week of moderate activity, yet about 1/3 of American adults have a BMI of < 25. Even if you assume that all of that 3.5 percent is “normal weight” and “underweight” people [protip: don’t!]… Continue reading

  • Why I Think Declaring Obesity A Disease is Harmful

    It’s inaccurate: A fit fat person is usually healthier than a sedentary thin person. Obese people (BMI of 30 to 34.9) have no greater risk of early death than those of “normal” body size (BMI 18.5 to 24.9).  Most people who fit the clinical definition of obese are in the smaller categories. “Normal-weight” people who think… Continue reading

  • In The News

    The AMA has endorsed the idea that “obesity” is a disease, not a “condition”.  (Personally I consider it a characteristic.)  Forbes states that this is “a move member physicians hope will spur better reimbursement for treating overweight Americans and create better health outcomes.”  Exactly how it’s supposed to “create better health outcomes” when commonly prescribed treatments do… Continue reading

  • The Fitbit

    I’ve been seeing pedometers discussed a bit lately.  In some ways, they get a bad rap; we’ve seen them [mis-]used in “wellness” programs and that accuracy varies.  Although they can be amusing, as noted by one NY Times commenter: Fitbit has a clip on model that I attach to the waistband of tights or to the center of… Continue reading

  • Best (Worst?) Things I’ve Read Today

    In the coverage of this fat-hating, scientifically inaccurate, harmful mess, I’ve seen a lot of variations on calling out Miller for hitting out the send button impulsively or failing to properly censor himself. But the problem isn’t that Miller broadcast this bigotry in a public venue. The problem is that he holds this bigoted view at all.… Continue reading

  • Music Monday: These Dreams with Allison Krauss and Heart

    “These Dreams” was written by Martin Page and Bernie Taupin and recorded by Heart.  This performance shows Allison Krauss singing lead, with Ann and Nancy Wilson singing harmony. Continue reading

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