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August 2013

  • This Shouldn’t Give Me A Headache

    But it’s trying. Dear, My name is Lisa. I have been following your blog  from quite some time now and thoroughly enjoy every post of yours. Well, after reading through your blog, I think you would be interested in having a look at our recently launched infographic “America’s Battle With Obesity”([link to typical FEAR The Obesity… Continue reading

  • Opting Out Of The Illusion Of Immortality

    Deb Burgard has a terrific post on the latest “being fat makes you die, damnit” study.  Masters’ central argument seems to be that even though the repeated findings for decades of rigorous research (reviewed by Flegal, 2013) has found that BMI and mortality are only weakly correlated, and that higher BMI may actually correlate with longevity… Continue reading

  • Some links

    Oh wow have I been busy. But that’s not the point.  So here’s some things to read :) ASDAH has launched a HAES curriculum for colleges, universities, and professional groups.  Check it out. :) The story behind The Butler. WalMart complains that lower-income people aren’t buying much.  If only there was something they could do… Continue reading

  • QOTD: USian Healthcare

    From currently unemployed teacher Diana Wagman, writing in the LA Times: Some 700,000 Americans every year declare bankruptcy because of medical bills. The number in Japan? Zero. The number in Germany? Zero. And the kicker?  It could be worse. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, my new insurance company can’t deny me because I had… Continue reading

  • Things to Read

    Some links I thought worth sharing: Lara Frater on the word “fat”. Grief moves at its own pace, despite the “rush to normal” common in our society. You know how kids will bulk up a little before a growth spurt?  That’s now a strange thing to be studied, not a normal thing. Swimming laps &… Continue reading

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