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September 2013

  • AbFab

    I think I discovered Absolutely Fabulous at the right time for me – I was on my own and trying to disconnect from family dysfunction.  The stone-faced Saffron politely telling her mother off became one of my icons of rationality. Well, why is today such a panic, anyway? It’s only a fashion show, and you’ve… Continue reading

  • Music Monday: I Made My Bed & I Sleep Like A Baby

    This song’s been around for quite a while now, but given the ongoing death threats going around the net it seems a bit timely. And how in the world Can the words that I said Send somebody so over the edge That they’d write me a letter Saying that I better shut up and sing Or… Continue reading

  • QOTD

    The National Federation of Independent Businesses, National Retail Federation and National Restaurant Association all operate on the premise that none of their workers will ever be their customers. Customers, they assume, are magical creatures who come from a world in which no one works in a store, or a restaurant, or manufacturing, or the service… Continue reading

  • Labor Day

    I created this blog 5 years ago.  Thanks for reading :) Today is also Labor Day in the US.  I work in a field that is very un-unionized and I know unions aren’t perfect, but I was raised by union members and I support organized labor.  Growing up I didn’t see much like my family in… Continue reading

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