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October 2013

  • Halloween

    The company I’ve worked at for the last three years has parties for Halloween & trick-or-treating in the office. I’ve sometimes felt strange, in past years, to be the fat lady handing out candy.  (No cultural baggage there…!) This is the second company I’ve worked at to do the full-on trick-or-treating. Some years at the… Continue reading

  • Quote of the Day: Hunger, Food, and Self-acceptance

    [Discusses calorie counts, reference to dieting/WLS] I work with Michelle, The Fat Nutritionist, and she’s changed my entire life and my entire relationship with food. I was talking to her about hating myself for eating more often than I “should” […] She said my body requires more calories than I’m able to consume in one sitting… Continue reading

  • Things that won’t necessarily prevent fatness

    Things that don’t necessarily prevent long-term child or adult obesity: Breast feeding Educating parents Weight bullying Banning junk food Banning whole milk Banning soda / pop Dieting Exercise Just something to think about. Continue reading

  • Things to Read

    You may have seen this poor as folk post on why poor people might not eat healthy.   There’s also a great post on why “healthy food vs junk food” infographics are inaccurate, misleading lies. From Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor at the the Health At Every Size® Blog: “Obesity-related” disease actually tracks your social status… Continue reading

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