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February 2014

  • N Things Make a Post

    Thanks to This Is Thin Privilege for the shout-out. Jeanette took on the “Obese women get only an hour of exercise a year” thing. …as did This is Thin Privilege. …as did Marilyn Wann and many commenters on Facebook (signin needed). On a personal note, my allergies are bothering me much less since Sunday.  Why? I… Continue reading

  • Music Monday: “Shut Up, Men Are Talking”

    To quote the artist, Brooke Abbey: I read this great article by Mary Beard: …and this fell out. We’re sick of your death threats And “We’re Not All Like That”s Make space at the table and open your ears Make space at the table and open your ears Full lyrics and download are at… Continue reading

  • Tell Me Again How It’s “For My Own Good”

    Lara Frater wrote about this and I wanted to boost the signal.  The Rudd Center recently came out with a study (PDF link) showing that weight stigma affects the stress hormone cortisol. Exposure to weight-stigmatizing stimuli was associated with greater cortisol reactivity among lean and overweight women. These findings highlight the potentially harmful physiological consequences of exposure to weight stigma.… Continue reading

  • It Came From the Search Terms

    how does 400 pound have sex 400 pound what? If you mean £400 I’m not sure. blogs about being obese Hi! what to do super morbidly obese What do you want to do? what size is 6x plus Oh dear, plus size sizing is NOT for the weak.  For example, I wear 5x at Making… Continue reading

  • Pursuing An Agenda

    Earlier today, Melissa McEwan tweeted: Scrolling back, I saw Melissa’s prior tweet was regarding Dylan Farrow: “I am speaking about this because it is wrong; I am speaking in solidarity with Dylan Farrow; I am speaking in defense of my own survival.” This blew me away. In retrospect it seems silly — of course people… Continue reading

  • Quotes on Clothing

    “If you don’t grow up ever seeing members of your community wearing suits or expensive clothes, it’s easy to see those who wear these things as members of an exclusive group you can’t break into.” — Kris Gale in the NY Times  “[P]erception is often reality. If you dress, act, and sound like a competent professional,… Continue reading

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