Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

August 2019

  • It came from the search terms

    In the tradition of Captain Awkward I’m going to treat the search terms people used to find the site as questions. im 400lbs is it too late for me to get healthy?  This is completely up to you and to how you view health. If you are sedentary, you can probably be more active, and ideally… Continue reading

  • Weight Watchers Continues To Spew Waste

    I probably don’t need to say I think WW’s app for kids is poised to mess up kids’ lives.  That research shows dieting leads to long-term weight gain. Or that disordered eating is often dieting with a different name. But if you are looking for more info: EATER: Weight Watchers Debuts an App That Could Screw… Continue reading

  • Retirement

    My last job was at Amazon, as a QA Engineer. “It was fine until it wasn’t” is one summary. “It was a good distraction from the stress of my dad’s failing health so I could keep balance, but fell apart after other losses and health crap that made me not care about work much” is… Continue reading


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Former software tester, now retired heart patient having fun and working on building endurance and strength. See also About page.

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