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  • It’s Too Late

    Ever dream of “If I win the lottery” or “If I met someone rich” or “If I got in on the next big startup” or “If I get on a reality show and become famous”?  Or heard that “Oh, you don’t want to be too set in your ways, when you meet a partner you’ll […]

  • Music Monday

    We had to leave home to remember what it means to be alive Somewhere along the way we started to grind the nine-to-five I’m tired of what I’m here for Being different from what I’m pursuing Cause I’m a human being I’m not a human doing This is a song I got from a music […]

  • Music Monday: Memorial Day

    In the US it’s Memorial Day, set aside to honor those who died in wars. Ideally there will be fewer of them in the future. Video is Dixie Chicks performing  “Travelin’ Soldier“.

  • All American Girl

    Melissa Etheridge song from her 93 album “Yes I Am.“