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I swear, I’m not a clotheshorse.  I just hang onto anything I find that fits and I like, even if I don’t have occasion to wear it, because what are the odds I will ever again find whatever-it-is in a size that fits me?

If you’re nodding, this page is for you.  Eventually I’ll probably put more clothes references, but in the meantime I’ll collect some posts about the hunt for clothing when you’re too big for the average mall store.

Where to shop:

Other posts about clothes:

4 thoughts on “Clothes

  1. Can you guesstimate undies size for 400lb woman, average to slightly taller height? She’s hospital bound with the illness causing a 100lb weight gain and no idea of what size undies she now needs. I’m trying to bring her something to make an extended hospital stay less awful. Thx for any advice@@!

  2. I’m a quadriplegic and therefore unable to exercise therefore I’ve gained weight over 10years. I’m 5 ft short lol & weigh 250 lbs. When buying clothes I’ve been successful with a 3x-4x except their super tight in the arm so where can I find anything bigger than the 4-5x

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