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Day in the Life

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This page links to the “Day in the Life” series I did when I started this blog. Why? I started this blog, in part, to dispell some of the misconceptions about what it’s like to weigh 400lbs:

  • That I can’t walk.
  • That all I do is eat.
  • That I can’t hold down a job.

I certainly do not speak what every 400lb “morbidly obese” fat woman experiences, but I can show the day-to-day reality of my life. It’s very normal…and yet it isn’t.

If you haven’t read this blog before: I’m a salaried software professional. I was in my forties when starting this blog in 2008, now I’m in my fifties.  I have asthma, sleep apnea and wear glasses.

Here’s what it’s like.

Day in the life: Waking up (updated) and original. About sleep apnea.

Day in the life: Thyroid pause – about how I manage thyroid meds.

Day in the life: Stretches (updated) and original – about stretches I do most mornings.

Day in the life: Other nice ways to wake up… – about sex.  One of the posts that gets lots of search hits.

Day in the Life: Breathing – about having asthma.

Day in the Life: Vitamins – about having vitamin deficiencies.

Day in the Life: Aerobics (updated) and  original – about doing aerobics.

Day in the Life: Shower, Chafing, & Jock Itch – another very popular post with searchers.

Day in the Life: Oh, THAT – about wearing a pad every day.

Day in the Life: Getting Dressed – about the kind of clothing I wear.

DayintheLife: Breakfast – about food.

Day in the Life: Commuting – about riding the bus to facilitate walking, which I miss.

Day in the Life: Working From Home – about days that I telecommute.

Day in the Life: Sitting at my desk – about work.

Day in the Life: Work Food – about taking food to the office.

Day in the Life: Too Much Bum Glue? – about having a sedentary job.

Day in the Life: Some weekends feel really short – about weekends.

Day in the Life: Weight-Loss Evangelism – about total strangers who want to tell me that I can lose weight, because of course I never heard this before.

Day in the Life: Annual Checkup – about getting a physical.

Annual Checkup Update: Lab Results – about the lab results from my physical.

Medical Records Out My Ears… – about more lab results from my physical.

Day in the Life: Yoga Night – about yoga class.

Day in the Life: Road Trip and Finding Clothing – about traveling when you can’t find emergency clothing at Target, Wal-Mart, or most malls.

Day in the Life: Vacation Day – about a winter vacation day.

Day in the Life: Oh Expletive….!! – about a problem at work.

Day in the Life: Oh yeah, I’m fat – about some concrete reminders that I am a statistical anomaly.

Day in the Life: Using A Ball As A Desk Chair – about worrying my boss by balancing on a ball.

Day in the Life: Someone Parked Too Close… – about getting into my car without damaging it.

Day in the Life: Café Au Lait Truffles – about being the fat girl at See’s.

Day in the Life: Overweight Without My Fat – about hydrostatic weighing.

Day in the Life: Returning to Fitness World – about going to the gym.

Day in the Life: Buying Plane Tickets – about planning 6 hours on a plane.

Day in the Life: Flying While 400lbs – more on flying.

Day in the Life: Seat Belt Extenders: Not just for airplanes – I have seat belt extenders in my car.

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  2. Thank you for this…so helpful!

  3. I love your blog, it’s so relatable.

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