Things I don’t do because I’m fat*

Things where my arms must support my weight: rock climbing, handstands, cartwheels, rope climbing.

Things that irritate my knees: running, jogging, excessive walking downstairs.

Miscellaneous: white-water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, traveling in float planes.

Do I feel this significantly affects my life?  No.  :)

(*Inspired, in part, by everyone who’s reacted to my weight with “but you do X, Y, Z” and The Fantasy of Being Thin.)






9 responses to “Things I don’t do because I’m fat*”

  1. sarawr Avatar

    The only thing I miss out on because of my fat is jumping on the trampoline with my son. I have actually thought about trying to lose 20 pounds so I’d feel safer climbing up there with him, but I think I’d be better off saving up for a trampoline with a higher weight-rating. If I get a 500-pound one, the whole family can jump, and that will be awesome.

    … Other than that? Meh. Most of my restrictions come from arthritis, or time, or lack of equipment, or laziness — I’ve never noticed a huge life impairment just from being fat. And with the fat, Pilates is way more comfortable.

  2. living400lbs Avatar

    Ooh, yeah, a trampoline could be fun.

    At least until my monster fear of falling kicks in.

    Um, maybe not. ;) Though a whole group on one sound fun :)

  3. Patsy Nevins Avatar
    Patsy Nevins

    Most of my “cannot do”s are literally CANNOT…I cannot go rock climbing, though my fear of height would likely preclude it were I physically capable. I have a real fear of water & drowning, so no canoeing or white water rafting. I am incapable of actually running, & walking is actually safer & healthier. But no, at around 200 pounds, I can honestly say that my weight doesn’t keep me from doing anything. Age, perhaps, fears certainly, cerebral palsy & arthritis, definitely…but not fat.

  4. k.c. dillon Avatar
    k.c. dillon

    well, i am in the wonderful blogger’s weight range, and i kayak. and i have lots of tips about it too. – i figured out how to do it when you are big.

    just sayin’.


  5. living400lbs Avatar

    k.c., do you find a sea kayak works well or do you need something more particular?

    I confess part of why I never tried it is that the kayak/canoe facility near here is on Lake Washington, which is pretty cold for swimming most of the year :)

  6. living400lbs Avatar


    I cannot go rock climbing, though my fear of height would likely preclude it were I physically capable.

    I understand. I showed this post to the man of the house last night, and he pointed out that my fear of falling on down escalators (I fell down one when I was about 4 yrs old, and have had recurring nightmares ever since) actually affects my life a LOT more than the things I rule out because of my size. Traveling in particular has escalators everywhere – I’ve gotten pretty good at playing “spot the elevator” and “find the hidden stairs”!

  7. Dreama Avatar

    I’ve been thinking about this, what I can’t do because of my weight, and what I can’t do because of my disability, which I’d have if I weighed 100 pounds.

    I can’t ride some of my former favorite amusement park rides. I can’t eat in some trendy restaurants. That’s about it.

    But that’s enough.

  8. living400lbs Avatar


    That is true – there is one “country fair” ride I don’t ride anymore, the eggbeater, because I’m afraid I’m too heavy for the equipment. OTOH, the last time I was at Disney World I did not find any rides I could not ride. I also had no problems in the Star Trek Experience in Vegas this year.

  9. Regina T Avatar
    Regina T

    Your reference to Lake Washington puts you close to me! I live in Snohomish….just a stone’s throw away from there. Hey neighbor!

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