Things I don’t do because I’m fat*

Things where my arms must support my weight: rock climbing, handstands, cartwheels, rope climbing.

Things that irritate my knees: running, jogging, excessive walking downstairs.

Miscellaneous: white-water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, traveling in float planes.

Do I feel this significantly affects my life?  No.  :)

(*Inspired, in part, by everyone who’s reacted to my weight with “but you do X, Y, Z” and The Fantasy of Being Thin.)

9 thoughts on “Things I don’t do because I’m fat*

  1. The only thing I miss out on because of my fat is jumping on the trampoline with my son. I have actually thought about trying to lose 20 pounds so I’d feel safer climbing up there with him, but I think I’d be better off saving up for a trampoline with a higher weight-rating. If I get a 500-pound one, the whole family can jump, and that will be awesome.

    … Other than that? Meh. Most of my restrictions come from arthritis, or time, or lack of equipment, or laziness — I’ve never noticed a huge life impairment just from being fat. And with the fat, Pilates is way more comfortable.

  2. Most of my “cannot do”s are literally CANNOT…I cannot go rock climbing, though my fear of height would likely preclude it were I physically capable. I have a real fear of water & drowning, so no canoeing or white water rafting. I am incapable of actually running, & walking is actually safer & healthier. But no, at around 200 pounds, I can honestly say that my weight doesn’t keep me from doing anything. Age, perhaps, fears certainly, cerebral palsy & arthritis, definitely…but not fat.

  3. well, i am in the wonderful blogger’s weight range, and i kayak. and i have lots of tips about it too. – i figured out how to do it when you are big.

    just sayin’.


  4. Patsy,

    I cannot go rock climbing, though my fear of height would likely preclude it were I physically capable.

    I understand. I showed this post to the man of the house last night, and he pointed out that my fear of falling on down escalators (I fell down one when I was about 4 yrs old, and have had recurring nightmares ever since) actually affects my life a LOT more than the things I rule out because of my size. Traveling in particular has escalators everywhere – I’ve gotten pretty good at playing “spot the elevator” and “find the hidden stairs”!

  5. I’ve been thinking about this, what I can’t do because of my weight, and what I can’t do because of my disability, which I’d have if I weighed 100 pounds.

    I can’t ride some of my former favorite amusement park rides. I can’t eat in some trendy restaurants. That’s about it.

    But that’s enough.

  6. Dreama,

    That is true – there is one “country fair” ride I don’t ride anymore, the eggbeater, because I’m afraid I’m too heavy for the equipment. OTOH, the last time I was at Disney World I did not find any rides I could not ride. I also had no problems in the Star Trek Experience in Vegas this year.

  7. Your reference to Lake Washington puts you close to me! I live in Snohomish….just a stone’s throw away from there. Hey neighbor!

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