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Day in the Life: After Work

[One of the occasional series of posts about my typical day.]

My after-work commute is a reverse of my morning commute: walk to the bus stop, take a couple buses, walk to my car, drive home.

There is one notable difference, though, and that’s how much I walk.  There are 3 bus stops I can choose:

  1. On the boulevard bordering my office park, a bare .11 miles from the lobby door according to gmaps pedometer.
  2. Go past stop #1 to the intersection, cross the boulevard, and go uphill another block. About a quarter-mile walk.
  3. From #2, walk uphill another quarter-mile to the neighborhood park-and-ride.

The thing is, though, is that I catch different routes at each of these stops.  The bus I catch at stop #3 always gets me back to my car faster than the bus I catch at stop #1, and usually faster than the bus I catch at stop #2.

As a result, I spent months last year routinely walking to stop #3.   This fell apart when the man of the house broke a limb in August; first I worked at home a lot, then I’d drive, so that I could get home fast if necessary.  In September he had additional surgery. Repeat.

But it’s not just that.  It’s also the creepy guy who tried to pick me up at bus stop #3 in August.   I’ve been afraid I’d run into him again.  I started taking the bus again in October, but I’ve been using stops 1 & 2 to get home.

Tuesday I met the man of the house at that park & ride for date.  Tonight I walked up there to catch a bus (after missing the one I usually get at stop #2).  The bus I caught got me to my destination at the same time as the one I’d missed :)  I think I’m getting over my fear, and getting more comfortable with walking up to the park & ride.  I’m glad.

Also dated: no longer taking the bus to/from work.

One response to “Day in the Life: After Work”

  1. I understand the creepy guy thing. I had something similar happen to me to a bus stop in Athens, GA just before we moved. Even being pregnant didn’t seem to stop this guy. He seemed to think he was doing me a favor because I was fat.

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