Fun on the Bus

Or not.

Typical King County Metro Bus
Typical King County Metro Bus

Yesterday morning, 7:48am, I’m wondering when the 7:45am bus will arrive. Or was it really a 7:45am bus?  The stop I was at has a big board listing all the expected arrival times for all the buses.  So I’m standing there, right next to the stop, double-checking the time my bus was arrive – and I see my bus go by. I jump and wave on reflex, because yes, they’re only supposed to stop at the actual stop, but damn it – I was standing at the stop!

The driver stops the bus and opens the door … blocking the driveway to the adjacent shopping center in the process.  I start running.  A minivan pulls up, trying to exit the shopping center, and the driver doesn’t look too pleased to have a bus blocking the entire driveway.

I also realize I’m limping.  I automatically think, “Need to not limp…1” and then I think: Fuck it.  I’m running for a bus that should damn well have stopped at the bus stop.  If I’m limping, maybe they’ll be less mad at me for running slow.

I boarded the bus. I took the nearest seat. As the bus pulled away, I looked out the window and saw the minivan driver waving at me.  :)

1It’s a habit due to equal parts (a) embarrassment about limping and (b) the physical therapist strongly urged me to correct the limp so that I don’t get habituated to it.






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