Big Fat Pleasures

“Sex is fun and pleasure is good for you” – I first read this in a book on relationships and thought that was a great idea … well, in theory at least.  Or maybe for other people.   I was fat, after all, so sex partners are hard to find, right?  And I still wasn’t all that sure I really deserve pleasure.

That was over 10 years ago.  Now I think this is a great idea for everyone. Me included.  I also think pleasure IS good for me – it’s helpful for stress relief & encouraging my own day-to-day happiness, which helps improve my health.  Pleasure is something we all can enjoy and benefit from – and I don’t just mean sex!

Yes, sometimes you don’t have a partner.  (You can still enjoy sex!)  Yes, you may have cut back on your entertainment budget. (Public libraries have books and movies!)

Here’s a list of everyday pleasures you may want to enjoy tonight or tomorrow.  I specifically focused on things you can do for yourself, alone.

  • Savor a favorite book or movie.  Sip a glass of wine or tea or cocoa with it.
  • Go for a walk.  Get in touch with the changing seasons.   Take your camera, if you want.
  • Take a warm scented bath by candlelight.  If your bathroom tends to be cold, start the water warmer than you want so it can help warm the room.  Can you have some music?  Got a book to read?
  • Spend a while just stretching.  Don’t try to become a yogi, just loosen your shoulders and legs.  Roll your head to one shoulder, then the next.  Stretch your arms up and back.
  • Soak your feet in warm water.  Then rub your feet with lotion or oil.  Massage the ball of the foot, wiggle each toe, stroke it from heel to ankle, and heel to toe.
  • Massage your calves.  Your feet and legs work hard – reward them!
  • Examine your breasts.  When you’re done, rub some lotion or oil on them, too.  You deserve to feel good!
  • Trim & shape your nails.  Massage your hands a bit.  Get out the polish, if you’re into that.  Your hands will thank you.
  • Play a favorite computer game, if you have one.  If you don’t, try Freecell :)
  • Invite a friend or family member over for lunch or dinner or coffee or brunch or a board game.  Laugh & catch up with each other.

(And yes, you could do most of the above with a friend or partner.  :)







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