Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

…it was a good weekend.

Thursday: Terrific dinner with good company.  Then off to join friends for dessert and more good company.

Friday: Joined a friend at a women’s spa with various hot tubs, cold pool, saunas, and so on.

Saturday: Got my hair highlighted.  Then I dug out a velvet skirt, a satin tank top, and a shawl my grandmother made for a friend’s birthday party.

Today: Visited a church this morning, had brunch with a friend, made a not-turkey dinner (meatloaf, fettuccine Alfredo & broccoli) and doing laundry.

What’s up with y’all?

5 responses to “…it was a good weekend.”

  1. Thursday, DH worked. Friday, we cleaned house (my son and his wife were coming up that night). Saturday, we cooked Thanksgiving dinner (DH’s stepson called Friday afternoon to say they couldn’t make it on Saturday, after we had already set out 3 boneless turkey breasts and a big ham to thaw on Friday morning in anticipation of having 6 adults and 4 kids here). So we had way more meat than we needed, and sent most of it home with my son. Sunday, I washed all the dishes and made goulash for supper. Tonight, it’s T’Day leftovers for dinner.
    My son brought his pit bull puppy along. Fat Cat (our 8 year old long-haired cat) was an instigator. Max (the puppy) wanted to play, Fat Cat would slap him, Max would bark and try to get him to play. My son would make Max lay down and leave the cat alone, and Fat Cat would walk by the dog, or go lay down by him, the dog would want to play again, and FC would slap him again. FC would do this even when Max was trying to ignore him (smart dog figured out if he ignored the cat, he didn’t get in trouble with my son….lol) but the cat just wouldn’t leave him alone. Slick cat (the short-haired one) doesn’t like dogs at all, and he spent most of Friday night and Saturday hiding in the basement. He came out late Friday night when everyone went to bed and the dog was in the kennel, and then came out again Saturday afternoon when my son left. Had to change the towel in the kennel (Slick likes to sleep in it or on top of it) . Slick would not go in it after the dog had slept in it until I took the towel out and put a clean on in there for him (our cats aren’t spoiled, not at all……

  2. Sounds like you had quite the weekend :)

  3. I live in your general area, and my mother has been wanting to go to this spa with me, but I have been worried about the robes being too small (lame I know, but she wants to eat in the little restaurant and I hate the feeling of trying to cover myself with too little cloth). How did you find them?

  4. Too small! The robes, that is – I usually take a robe of my own to day spas because I tend to be larger than their “one size fits most”.

    I did find you don’t have to wear a robe to eat in the restaurant. Some of the women were in street clothes. But you do have to be female :)

    Oh – and yes, they ask that you only wear your “cap” (like a shower cap, only cotton – they give it to you along with your locker key and towel) in the pool room. So, you don’t have to find (or buy) a swimsuit.

  5. Thanks for the info!

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