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Importance of Sleep

So far today I have:

  • Woken up with a headache. 
  • Repeatedly bumped into the bed while getting dressed. 
  • Forgot my yoga bag when leaving for work.  
  • Forgot to use my inhaler before going for a walk.   

I am also feeling generally run down, achey, and lacking in patience/cope.  Also in monster need of a nap.  

Am I sick?  No.  I didn’t get enough sleep last night or the night before.  

I would like to add references on how sleep is good for Health and Wellbeing but I think the fact that I feel like total crap kinda speaks for itself  ;)    Well, okay, here’s one.  And another.  Okay, and a book I found helpful, called The Promise of Sleep.  There.  Time for more coffee.   And I will likely take another walk later. And I did go back for my yoga bag….

2 responses to “Importance of Sleep”

  1. the promise of sleep?

    I need that.

    sorely. a lot’ly.
    off to

  2. I also find that not getting enough sleep tends to lead to depression symptoms (aka, I’ve not only had clinical depression, I’ve done enough therapy to recognize my symptoms ;)

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