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Let’s count the assumptions!

Start with a holiday news article on “the obese”. 

Let’s see:

  • “The obese” all think & act alike.
  • The obese all want to lose weight and are on “eating plans”.   Not sure if intuitive eating is for thin folks or for nobody at all. 
  • The obese are all feeling self-conscious and judged about what they eat.  
  • Everyone knows who’s obese and who’s not.
  • Eating something special at a party “won’t harm your weight loss effort as long as you get back on track the next day.”   Why not “eating something special at a party is OK because you will probably be less hungry later as your body keeps you at your setpoint”? 

What did I miss?

4 responses to “Let’s count the assumptions!”

  1. That the “obese” are eating because something is missing in their life or because something is wrong with their life. That whole article is such a crock of crap. I feel like sending them one of Portly Dyke’s caganers to express my opinion of them and their reporting.

  2. So….fat people are like some sort of collective hive-mind, not unlike the Borg?

    I miss everything around here.

  3. Ugh. Yet another article which illustrates the blatant dehumanizing of fat people. We’re not individuals, you see. We are “the obese.” We ALL exhibit class behaviors, because we aren’t individuals. We’re “the obese.” This shows, yet again, this ridiculous belief that one must BECOME obese, through exhibiting very specific behaviors which are common to all fat people (otherwise we wouldn’t be fat).

  4. Here’s my favorite piece of condescending advice from the article: “Indulge in the inner spirit of the holidays, not the eating.” It’s just the sort of thing my mother used to say to me. Ugh! It essentially amounted to “Other people are having a good time. You may watch, but don’t touch.”

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