Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

100th Post :)

Looking at my WordPress “dashboard” on Monday, I noticed that there has been over 300 approved (non-spam) comments.  Also that I’d had 99 posts.   So this is the  hundredth post.  :)  Thanks for reading and commenting!

Some other little factoids from the dashboard:

10 most viewed pages/posts:

  1. about the author & the blog
  2. Life at ~400lbs
  3. In context
  4. Day in the Life: Shower, Chafing, &
  5. Day in the life: Other nice ways to wake
  6. Other People’s Comments
  7. Linda Bacon’s Health At Every Size: The
  8. Fat Women Have Sex Too!
  9. Day in the Life: Oh, THAT
  10. “Do the robes fit?”

The first three are logical, since they’ve been linked on the sidebar or the top menu for most of this blog’s life.  The rest are ones that seem to be popular, to come up on searches, or that I’ve linked to a lot (the Health At Every Size review, for example). 

Search Terms

WordPress also shows me which search terms tend to lead people to this site.  Most – like, 80% – are variations on “living 400lbs”, which is to say, people are specifically looking for this site.  To say that I find this amazingly flattering is an epic understatement.

Other terms that appear more than once include:

Research / Books:

  • minnesota starvation experiment
  • health at every size linda bacon
  • uc davis health at every size


  • sex fat women
  • fat women sex
  • fat women intercourse
  • fat women number of sexual partners


  • 6x to 7x women’s clothing catalog
  • supersize clothing
  • supersize clothing for women

Practical Stuff:

  • severe chaffing and itch leg
  • horrible jock itch
  • jock itch moisturizer
  • under belly chafing

General Curiosity: 

  • what does 400 lbs look like
  • exercise 400 lbs
  • 400 lbs muscle
  • i weigh over 400 pounds
  • what size would someone who weighs 400 l

Hope you liked this peek “behind the blog”.   :)

5 responses to “100th Post :)”

  1. Congratulations!!

  2. I love this peek “behind the blog”! It’s encouraging to me, a 350+-lb, 5’1 woman, that appreciative readers readers are finding their way here. Well done!

  3. Thanks for the “peek”. I’m such a geek for that kind of information.

  4. Happy 100!

    It’s nice to have another blog talking about life as a very large person. I’m 300+ (last time I was weighed, it was hovering between the 330 and 340 mark) and we need more voices like ours in the community.

  5. Congratulations on your 100th post. Yay!

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