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BMI calculator for your home page?

If you’ve played with the iGoogle home page, you’ve seen all the different gadgets you can install.  I have news, weather, a clock, my inbox, and so forth….

iGoogle Screenshot
iGoogle Screenshot

But this one made me laugh.  

BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator


A BMI Calculator for your home page?  I can see someone creating one, if only for practice in creating a gadget – it takes a couple inputs, it gives an output, it’s about the same level of complexity as calculating the area of triangle.  But does anyone really recalculate this frequently enough to want it taking up space on their home page???

7 responses to “BMI calculator for your home page?”

  1. Whatever there is out there on the internet, there’s someone who wants it. Naughty stories involving tentacles and/or characters from Sesame Street, spreadsheets of every known shark attack in recorded history, a 5 page write-up on whether or not embroidery thread can be “backwards” (and the flame war that follows), and yes, BMI widgets for iGoogle pages.

    (I’ve seen all of the above and can’t say i’m a happier person for it. But at least i have amusing anecdotes to share at parties, eh?)

    What’s scary to me is not that these things exist, but that someone created them because not only did they want them, but they thought other people might want them, too.

  2. *looks up* How did Rules 34 and 35 get all the way over here?

    Anyway, what amuses me is that the BMI widget says, “You have overweight.”

    I have shoes, I have hair, so I can also have overweight?

  3. Lindsay – True!

    ChloeMireille – rules 34 & 35?

  4. I can haz overweight?

  5. Hee!

    Stef, I love that you got the red monster icon ;)

  6. “You have overweight” is the best part.

  7. The Amazing Kim Avatar
    The Amazing Kim

    But does anyone really recalculate this frequently enough to want it taking up space on their home page???

    Yes – people with eating disorders. Calculating the current BMI, calculating the potential binge BMIs, calculating the ideal weight BMI… calculating a bit lower than that, just for curiousity… it’s a fun life.

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