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How many non sequiturs are IN this one anyway?

This comment came in reply to my review of my review of Health At Every Size:

I personally belive that living a comfortable life is a way to longevity, so if you believe that you are over-weight, have the determination to loose the extra fat you dont want, you can do it and never loose focus.

Er … I’m confused.   I don’t “belive” my life, I live it.  And while I can see why having “loose” bits of focus flying around might be bad,  I’m not sure how I could have loose parts of my body falling out.  I mean, ew.

Besides that, I have a comfortable life. My income is above the median income for my area.  We have a nice house, paid-off cars, college educations, a relatively low crime rate, pretty good health, and my job doesn’t carry huge risks of death.   More than “comfortably affluent”, but that’s okay with me.

So why would I want to engage in a practice that I know makes me anxious, angry, depressed, frustrated, rebellious and resentful?  Especially when every time I have lost weight I have gained it all back?  Why should I waste my time making myself crazy?  It makes no sense.

The comment continues:

Personal trainer for 5yrs. Check out my sig for more tip you can use to shed that extra fat.


When I was first married, we worked with a personal trainer for 3 months.   I increased how much I could lift and learned new techniques for building arm strength around my carpal tunnel issues.  I also increased speed & gained endurance on the treadmill.  It was much more satisfying than the numerous “get in shape and lose weight” programs I’d been on – because my goals were achievable: stronger, faster, longer.  Comparing that very positive & helpful experience with this loser (or should I say “looser”?) is just sad.

(Oh, and his blog has “Loosing that weight is possible” in the header.)

9 responses to “How many non sequiturs are IN this one anyway?”

  1. Maybe he means we should we turn our weight loose on the world. That is one of my pet peeves, to see people use “loose” when they mean “lose” (well, anytime words are misused like that it peeves me, ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’, etc).
    I have a troll who keeps sending me comments about drugs and diets and how they work so well (one of the reasons I moderate comments, I can delete before publishing them and no one else has to deal with the idiocy or be triggered by it).

  2. That is one of my pet peeves, to see people use “loose” when they mean “lose”

    I can overlook a certain amount of misspellings in social communication, but … yeah. He had multiple misspellings and poor grammar. He also included his blog URL and was obviously trying to get readers over to his site, which puts his comment into the “professional” realm as far as I’m concerned.

    one of the reasons I moderate comments, I can delete before publishing them and no one else has to deal with the idiocy or be triggered by it

    I moderate too – all first-time comments, plus a few users are on “always moderate”. Moderation was one of the features I looked for in picking a blogging platform :)

  3. This fellow, who promotes himself as a personal trainer, needs a personal English tutor. Or maybe he has muscle where his brain ouught to be, and the tutor wouldn’t help.

    Entreaties like his is part of the loud background “noise” that all size acceptance types have to filter out every day to keep their sanity.

    I guess he hasn’t read Linda Bacon’s book.

  4. That’s hilarious. I wish I got more of those comments instead of the ones that make me mad.

  5. Eep! Bill’s right, I didn’t even mention the weirdness of having this come in on the post about Linda Bacon’s book. I mean, one one of my posts about exercise it would kinda make sense. Kinda. Sorta.

    And yes, there are comments that I just mark spam. (WordPress then marks further comments from that person as spam, so it’s more convenient than delete.) This one had enough “WTF? Is this guy on drugs?” that I wanted to show it to others to also point & laugh at ;)

  6. Oh boy, with grammar and spelling that horrible, I wouldn’t want Jacob to train me in anything.

  7. Let’s all let loose our flab on Jacob.

  8. Why has no-one yet made the observation that “non sequitur” is spelt, well, n-o-n s-e-q-u-i-t-U-r?

    Dearest ladies (being presumptuous here, perhaps lovely gentlemen as well): one of *my* pet peeves is when criticism about such things as spelling and grammar seems to depend on which side is taken in a disagreement. Note, for example, that I am an unequivocal fan of this blog, and yet I still have the cojones to correct the spelling of a post’s title. ;)

    All the best.

    1. …and to think I spellchecked that deliberately ;)

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