No words

This is just incredibly depressing.  I am so sorry this can happen in what is supposed to be the civilized world. 

Take care of each other, okay?






3 responses to “No words”

  1. vesta44 Avatar

    I read that and thought it was just so wrong. It scares me to think that someone can look at another person and decide their life isn’t worth living just because they have a difference, and therefore can be ignored or forgotten until they die. I know lawsuits don’t bring loved ones back, but maybe it will make the corporations stop and think and rectify their attitudes.

  2. living400lbs Avatar

    Corporations and governments. This particular instance is the UK’s National Health Service.

  3. Scattered Marbles Avatar

    That breaks my heart, as someone who was a CNA for over 10 years I can not imagine doing that to anyone, much less then claiming you just didn’t notice… holy cow that is your whole job to notice that kind of stuff. I just don’t get how we can think we have to right to decide if someone lives or dies.. every life is special even if they are different

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