Long time no post

Work was insane for a couple of weeks.   The anniversary / Valentine’s / President’s Day weekend that we’d planned to spend out of town?  Turned into “Friday the 13th at a local hotel,  then rush home Saturday morning to work.”  The rest of the weekend was spent tied to the computer.  

Things did wind down at the end of last week.  Unfortunately, I noticed some other things on Friday the 20th,  too: 

  • Pain along the outside of my right leg.
  • Pain in my right knee. 
  • A limp. 
  • … all of which is most noticeable when I first get out of bed or if I’ve been sitting a while. 

The bad knee strikes again.  Not as bad as when I ended up in physical therapy 14 months ago, but not enjoyable, either.   Given that I spent a week and a half mostly tied to my computer, I think it’s more related to inactivity (*cough*) than wrong activity.   So what am I doing about it? 

Mostly?  I’m being more diligent about stretching, walking, weights, and other exercises – the ones recommended by the physical therapist.  After stretching and a few minutes on the treadmill this morning, my limp and pain were gone….and I got off the treadmill when they started to come back.    I’m also taking over-the-counter pain meds and using an ice pack as appropriate.   And I’m posting about it here to remind me of when it started, so I can keep track of how long it took to fix it. :)

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