Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

Thankful Thursday

5 things I’m grateful for today :) 

  1. Seattle Snow.  “Seattle Snow”, to my mind, is short-lived, scant, and doesn’t interfere much with daily life.  It’s a fun surprise to wake up to and is gone by afternoon.  Today’s snow looks to be in this category.  :)
  2. Icepacks.  I just finished icing my knee, and my, the absence of pain is a goodness. 
  3. Beef with barley soup, which the man of the house has started in the crock pot. 
  4. Roomba.  It’s more diligent about vacuuming corners than I am, and does a sweet job. 
  5. Weekends off. After working through President’s Day weekend, I’m glad that I had last weekend off – and that it doesn’t appear I’ll need to work this weekend either. 

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