Pollen Sucks


Nose running, eyes itching, I take extra antihistimines – and then nibble on chocolate-covered coffee beans* to compensate for the resulting drowsiness.**  I’m coughing up the occasional bit of phlegm, too, and my lungs feel fullish.

The one good thing is that even though I feel sick, I’m probably not actually contagious.  

How’s hayfever season going for y’all? 


*Use with caution.   

**Yes, I am taking “non-drowsy” antihistimines.






8 responses to “Pollen Sucks”

  1. Cleric at Large Avatar

    I once almost died from eating chocolate covered coffee beans.

    Not from the beans themselves.
    But my room-mate was about to kill me.

    Take heart, this too shall pass. It’ll be winter again before you know it. (ugh)

  2. Becky Avatar

    I live in Canada so it’s not allergy season here yet (that will be more like June). But I am not looking forward to it.

  3. JupiterPluvius Avatar

    Pollen is the plant’s way of fighting back against its human oppressors.

  4. Regina530 Avatar

    Headaches….migraine headaches. That is how I am “dealing” with the pollen this year. I swear the minute the pollen count rose my head started to crack. Yesterday, I spent the evening in my room, shades drawn, door closed, cold washcloth on my eyes. Even soft sounds felt like stabs to my temples.

    Today, milder-but I’ve been popping Tylenol all day just to keep it at bay. Once I adjust to the bloomings, I am much better. This year, though, it seems like we had such a looooong rainy season that my sinuses forgot what pollen even was. I just have this fullness in my sinus cavity, no runny nose. My Singulair helps with that a lot.

    Have you tried sweet tea to give you the caffeine kick? Love it!

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      I’ve been having migraines too. And I do drink caffeinated drinks, including iced tea, diet pepsi, and coffee.

      At work I make extra-strong tea in a water bottle and stash it in the fridge for iced tea. I don’t presweeten it though – worried about encouraging bacteria.

  5. sannanina Avatar

    I am soooo with you on this one. We have had about three weeks of sunny weather here, the birch trees are in full bloom, and my lungs survive on steroids (hooray for allergic asthma). I cannot go outside to exercise, and even going grocery shopping makes me wheeze… Actually, this is the first year I seriously consider if I should try hyposensitization, at least against birch pollen. (I am allergic to many more kinds or tree pollen as well as to other airborne substances, but birch pollen is the only allergen that makes me react that strongly while it’s impossible to avoid at the same time.)

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      I did allergy shots as a kid, but not as an adult. May need to revisit it at some point. I am sensitive to many trees and grasses.

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