Clipping: Size Doesn’t Matter in Diversity Woman

Size Doesn’t Matter (PDF), published in Diversity Woman magazine, discusses size discrimination in the workplace.  Some of it’s pretty grim, such as the statistic that “[w]omen who are classified as obese generally earn 12 percent less than thin women” and are less likely to be hired.  It also notes that “biggest loser” contests are not helpful, and has tips on how to create a “size-diverse workplace”, including: 

  • Create a size-friendly space for yourself. Start small by surrounding your office or cubicle with size affirmations.
  • Volunteer for health-related activities. Bring some size diversity to the committee; share ideas so that plus-size employees can participate.
  • When resistance shows up, remain calm.  Don’t automatically go on the defensive. Listen, pause, and then respond. There’s no rule that you have to act right away. Delivery of the message is just as important as the content.
  • Organize a size-positive posse.  Start a group, meet for lunch, and share ideas. You might make some friends and allies in the process. 
I stumbled across this on Linda Bacon’s website.  Depending on where you work, this might be a useful thing to email to HR.   Or, if you feel safer being anonymous, to print out and leave on their desk, or send through the mail.  



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