Why Are My Eyes Rolling?

If you want to join the eyeroll, read along.  If you’re had your fill of stupidity lately, feel free to pass…

“People usually gain weight because they overeat, but what makes them overeat?”  is inclined to give me a groan.  The rest of the article doesn’t do much to change that:

In the study, researchers recruited 34 obese patients who were candidates for bariatric surgery and 18 people of normal weight for comparison. The scientists placed cotton rolls on each side of the mouth and under the tongue of each participant.

Then, after measuring the baseline levels of saliva by placing a small amount of water on the volunteers’ tongues, they conducted 10 lemon juice tastings at regular intervals and measured the salivary changes that occurred.

Although the groups did not differ in their baseline responses to the water stimulus or in their initial responses to the lemon juice, the normal-weight participants experienced a greater decrease in salivation over time in response to the lemon juice, while the responses of the bariatric surgery candidates did not decrease significantly.

“It’s going to be longer before they stop eating,” Dr. Bond said of the protracted salivary response.

But he noted it is not clear whether the slower habituation response is a cause of obesity or a feature of it.

Am I the only person who reads this and thinks, “Lemon juice?  Why lemon juice?”

Or that salivating a lot over lemon juice might be the response of someone who is hungry?

Am I alone in wondering if perhaps these “candidates for bariatric surgery” might have been hungry because they’re dieting?  Or that this “slower habituation response” might be a feature of dieting?

Btw: I didn’t find the study itself online, but another article is here.







9 responses to “Why Are My Eyes Rolling?”

  1. Anna Avatar

    What?! What on earth does a saliva reaction to LEMON JUICE have to do with anything?

    It’s like me saying that by hitting thin people and obese people in the shins with a 2-by-4, I can determine who will exercise for longer by how loudly they cuss at me.

  2. Godless Heathen Avatar
    Godless Heathen

    Maybe all of them really like lemon juice? I love sour citrus stuff. Maybe they just drool more with cotton stuffed into their mouths, some people are droolers. Maybe the thin people weren’t sufficiently screened for dry mouth issues.

    What qualified these people as BS candidates other than their weights? Did they have any co-morbidities? Did the thin counterparts have any diseases?

    This study seems to have insufficient controls to be a valid measure of anything. Other than a pretty poor use of cotton and lemon juice.

  3. MamaD Avatar

    Okay, I would be excessively salivating as soon as they put the cotton into my mouth. It would have nothing to do with the lemon juice. It would be because I’m gagging from the cotton. Just thinking about it is making me sick. (I don’t do too well at dental appointments!)

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      My dental chart has “GAG REFLEX” written on the top too. ;)

  4. Bilt4Cmfrt Avatar

    Oh, clever – CLEVER scientists!!! He’s taken Pavlov’s Dog and replaced the canines with humans! Well, at lest the thin ones were human, amIright? Amiright? HUR-Hur-Hur!

    Is there a point to any of this? Are they even TRYING anymore? I mean this goes from zero, to Stupid, and back down to zero faster than a Lambrogini. Gahhh, Idiots!!

  5. spoonfork38 Avatar

    Before I could bring myself to care about these amazing results (cue sarcasm) , I would want to see the report on the scientific experiments that ‘proved’ that saliva production is solely an indicator of appetite, or that saliva production is the sole control of appetite. I would also like to know if this experiment had all the subjects eat or fast for a specific amount of time before the cotton balls were inserted.

    Without seeing the entire experiment, my conclusions are that they just proved that the bodies of people who are chronic dieters and/or anxious about their weight get slightly more excited at the prospect of ‘allowed’ food.

    Now, if they had used a control group of ‘obese’ people who do not diet and arenot anxiously hoping for surgery to ‘fix’ themselves, I might be more interested in the results.

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      if they had used a control group of ‘obese’ people who do not diet and arenot anxiously hoping for surgery to ‘fix’ themselves, I might be more interested in the results.

      Indeed ;)

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  7. Kari Avatar

    Why lemon juice? it’s not exactly something most people eat/drink *on it’s own*. I’m terribly curious as to why lemon juice was considered as a candidate as opposed to, let’s say, warm pasta sauce.

    With that said, I actually like eating lemons, skins and all. Creeps some people out but I’ve been doing it since I was a kid.

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