6 thoughts on “Spotted at the Bellevue Barnes & Noble

  1. I honestly, am so confused by the way book stores organize things. I mean Lessons in the diet section? (where I found mine once the staff FINALLY found it). But the thing that always bothered me the most about book store organization is the fact that they put the sexual abuse help books right next to the erotic section! How dumb is that? I mean, as a person who was already feeling nervous just trying to find a book to deal with the issue (and imagining trying to check out with it) I also wound up staring at countless suggestive titles. Not to mention the awkward feelings of looking thru sex abuse recovery books while the person next to you gets all excited over the pictures in the sex books. Gah!

    Okay slight tangent there – – – Yay for Kate & Marianne

  2. totally jealous that you found it! i’ve looked in every bookstore i’ve been in since it came out, but no go. hopefully because they’re being bought up so fast :)

    i’d buy online, but i want to flip through – i’m thinking of getting it as a present for a friend, and i want to make sure it’s something that i think she’d appreciate before i buy.

  3. I found it in Chapters book store- ironically in the diet section as well!
    I did a little video about it on youtube.
    If I remember correctly it was facing out at Chapters as well :)

  4. The diet section is probably a place where it’s really going to help someone, when you think about it. They probably double shelved it as diet and self help, as well as sticking a few copies in the summer “chick lit” table for beach reading. Of course, I still can’t get a copy at my husband’s store, so I don’t know where they’ll put it.

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