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Thankful Thursday

[Another weekly exercise in gratitude.]

1) Friends who get why greeting me with “Wow, you’ve lost weight!” isn’t helpful.

2) Being able to smile and say, “I’ve been working out more and it really changes how I hold myself” and then move onto other topics.

3) Thoughtprovoking Fatosphere posts.

4) White wine at the end of a long and interrupted day….

5) Being complimented on my work. :)

5 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Us really big gals have to stick together :)

  2. As to number 1, I am alarmed by people who come up to me and say that I’ve lost weight. You see, I’m 5 months pregnant, and my doctor is somewhat worried about the weight loss EVEN THOUGH I’M FAT. When I mention this, people say, “But isn’t losing weight a good thing?”

    I guess I need to change my response to be more like number 2!

    1. I think it does depend a bit on your relationship with the person in question and the setting.

      In my most recent case, the person asking the question is another superfat person who has had two weight-loss surgeries that I know of; we’ve had the fat-accepting vs fat-rejecting conversations before, and honestly, he sounded surprised that I looked thinner than he remembered. Add in that we were at a get-together for visiting friends and I didn’t want to make a big deal of it.

      In YOUR case, if the person is someone you consider a supportive friend/family member, if you have some privacy for a conversation, then I could certainly see you wanting to say “I’m so sorry to hear that, my doctor’s worried that I’m losing too much while pregnant” and share your fears. But again, there are people and situations where you don’t want to do that!

      I do hope everything works out for you.

  3. I’m thankful that tonight my chorus is meeting. It’s fun to get together with people and sing!

    I’m thankful that when I didn’t get my act together to come up with a good, nutritious, balanced meal, at least I have four bags of potstickers in the freezer and plenty of both soy and ponzu sauce. We will still eat, and we will enjoy the meal.

    I’m thankful that even though Mr. Twistie and I have both suffered cutbacks in our jobs, we are both still employed.

    I’m thankful that my brother has a job interview on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed, he’s been out of work for a painfully long time.

    I’m thankful that my best bud is not only employed again after a way too long time, but that she got a job that pays significant bucks, allowing her to stay precisely where she’s happy…even if it is an entire country away from me.

    I’m thankful that another friend and I have discovered some surprising overlaps in our filmic tastes, including Bruce Campbell (which amazed her about me) and cross dressers (which seriously surprised the hell out of me about her). It’s wonderful to find new common ground with someone you thought you’d already found nearly all there was to discover.

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