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Something Positive

[Another weekly exercise in gratitude.]

This is one of those weeks where part of me would rather rant about the unjust crap in life and not look for things to be grateful for.  But … that’s also part of why I do it, to focus on the good instead of the bad.

1)  Cooler weather for a change! It’s encouraging me to walk outdoors and bringing better sleep.

2)  A new Meg Langslowmystery.

3)  I have Tylenol on hand, and it’s keeping my headache manageable.

4) Friends that don’t care that I’m fat.

5) Tricky Pixie’s album is available!  :)

6)  APA repudiated gay-to-straight therapy.

7)  My family came home safe yesterday.

Anyone else have good things today?

16 responses to “Something Positive”

  1. Lots of cranky people out there today! Including me. Lol

    Lets see, Im thankful for:
    1. Having a job that allows me to goof off on my blackberry when its slow, instead of forcing me to find “busy-work”.

    2. Being single and free of my subtly-abusive ex-boyfriend.

    3. Discovering the fatshionista in me.

    4. Finally getting into the financial circumstances in which I can induldge in my new-found fatshionism.

    5. Finally, and most important, I am thankful that I am finding my passion and desire for writing again.

  2. 1. I signed my teaching contract for the fall today, so now I don’t need to worry about my job falling through.

    2. Starting yesterday my morning sickness went from being constant to coming and going. I forgot how nice it is to actually feel good.

    3. They had those chocolate-peanut-butter wafer bars for sale at Aldi again today, after being out of stock for like two months. Whoever invented those bars, many thanks.

    4. The sunflowers we planted in April are FINALLY blooming, and are now taller than I am.

    1. Yay :) Having employment settled is wonderful. Glad you’re not morning-sick all the time!

  3. 1. Physical therapy for my hip went very well today.

    2. A really nice older man rescued me this morning and was kind enough to help me feel better by telling me he did the very same {silly and embarrassing thing} only last week. He may have lied but he did it with panache!

    3. This is the third day of full sunshine we have had this week. My green tomatoes may yet turn red.

    4. The lovely red patent leather shoes I bought on line arrived today and they actually fit me! {I wear a size 11 which number seems to be regarded as a size that can change according to the manufacturers. I am very wary of ordering shoes on line since usually I have to send them back.}

    1. :) Hubby harvested green tomatoes and ripened them in a south window. This way he could leave others to grow on the vine.

  4. 1. We finally had a break from the heat and humidity today and tomorrow is going to be nice as well.

    2. Pop is getting his pacemaker, which hopefully means no more episodes of dizziness and rapid heart rates.

    3. I’m waiting for two skirts to arrive that I ordered, and I only paid for one as it was buy one, get one free, plus I got 40% off.

    4. My paycheck will be in the bank tomorrow.

  5. 1. My new air conditioner/furnace was installed today and my house is finally COOL again (been without in Iowa since Monday)!

    2. The cute clothes I bought on sale at Junonia and Zaftique arrived today.

    3. I am feeling better physically than I have in a LONG time.

    4. Got some walking in the last couple of days so that feels good too!

    Take care! Lynette

    1. OMG great! I’m in Seattle without AC — Iowa would be much more difficult.

      Glad you’re feeling better to show off the new clothes ;)

  6. I like the way your mind works. It makes me smile every Thursday :)

    As for me….
    1. I’m thankful for this blog because it I can read about anything from chafing to stretching to sex without shame…and dammit, she’s smart too!

    2. The weather has turned from hella-hot to early Fall..and Fall’s my favorite time of year.

    3. That I got to spend an entire week getting to know my 16 and 17 year old nieces again and be loved by smart and capable girls who love me just the way I am.

    4. That at 43, I am still challenged by new ways of thinking, alternative mindsets, seeing my flaws for what they are, and being open to change.

    5. That my best friend from college just emailed me she’s coming for a visit in September….after not seeing her in over 8 years.

    1. I’m glad you like the blog and the thankful posts. And that things are going well with you :)

  7. I wanted to post this here rather than the Kate Harding thread so you’d see it. I saw you post the vid with Seanan and Tony and Vixy. You’re a filker!!!!

  8. And a Shapeling too. It pleases me when fandoms collide.

    1. Ah…..did you notice the album I mentioned in this post? The band whose members play with Vixy & Tony frequently? The album Vixy guests on? ;)

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